A Beginners Guide to Building Muscle Quickly

Building muscle quickly is easy when you know what to do!

Building muscle quickly, is it even possible?  The short answer is yes; yes it is possible to be successful at building muscle quickly.  Late night infomercials would have you believe that you only need to take the latest miracle pill or use their amazing machine for 5 minutes a day to build muscle.  Well the fact is that couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you’re serious about building muscle quickly then read on.  I’ll go through exactly what it takes, be prepared though because you’ll actually have to make an effort and do some work.  Building muscle quickly doesn’t just happen, you have to be committed.

Steps to building muscle quickly

There are 4 basic things you need to accomplish; stimulus, fuel, tools and sleep.  I’ll go through each one in detail.

Stimulus:  This is simple, just workout.  Do not hit the gym everyday but at most every other day.  You want your muscle groups to have time to recover between workout sessions.  I won’t go into different workout routines but it would suffice to say that you need to push each muscle group until you have pain.  That old saying, ‘no pain no gain’ isn’t just a saying it’s the truth.  Building muscle quickly means destroying muscle fibers in the gym.  The body repairs and adds to the muscle at night, when you sleep.  If you don’t destroy muscle fibers in the gym the body won’t build additional muscle mass, period.

Fuel:  By fuel I mean calories and protein.  Consider this..  If you want to gain muscle you have to gain weight, so that means you need to take in more calories than your body needs every day.  As a very general rule if you want to gain 1 inch of muscle around your body that’s about 20 pounds.  That means you need to gain 20 pounds of weight, at 2 pounds a week it’ll still take almost 3 months.  So eat 6 meals a day and look to exceed your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) by at least 500 calories a day.  In addition, for the best success at building muscle as fast as possible you should make sure you take in at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.  This can be accomplished by using protein supplements such as powders, bars and shakes.

Tools:  The tools you’ll need are testosterone and vitamins.  Make sure you take a quality multi vitamin each and every day  As far as testosterone you’ll only need to supplement this if you’re over 40 or so, there are some supplements available that will increase your testosterone levels, don’t worry, these are legal.

And finally there is sleep.  Contrary to popular belief muscle is not built in the gym, it’s destroyed there.  Muscle is repaired and built during sleep.  If you don’t get enough sleep your muscle gains will suffer so make sure at least 7 hours a day.

So there you have it, it’s a small and simply list buy if you follow it building muscle quickly will be a piece of cake and you’ll be more than ready for the summer.

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