A Quick Guide to Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors is easy!

Growing herbs indoors is easy!

Growing herbs indoors is a great way to add fresh herbs to your cooking, your food will taste better, and, as a side benefit the herbs will add a great aroma to your kitchen.  Growing herbs indoors is quite easy, and the benefits of using fresh herbs in your cooking can not be overlooked.  Why, after spending an hour or more cooking a great meal would you want to add dried, bottled herbs that have been sitting on your shelf for who knows how long.  I even use my own fresh basil on pizza delivery, it really adds great flavor and turns a ho hum meal into something really special.  Here’s a quick rundown on what it takes to start growing herbs indoors.

A small indoor herb garden

A small indoor herb garden

The key to growing herbs indoors is having enough light.  You’re going to want to get at least 8 hours a day, 16 would be better. If you can’t get that much light consider purchasing grow lamps.  Don’t overlook the necessary light when growing herbs indoors or you’re indoor herb garden will never grow to it’s full potential, if at all.

The basic steps to growing herbs indoors

First off you’ll need containers that allow drainage.  Growing an indoor herb garden requires lots of drainage.

First off place a small amount of gravel at the bottom of each container, this will help drainage even more.

Fill the container with about two parts potting soil and one part course sand.  Add a tiny bit of lime, about one teaspoon for a 5-6 inch pot.

Make sure the seeds you use are from a reliable source and make sure you check the expiration date.  Expired seeds will probably not sprout and that’s not a good way to grow your own indoor herb garden.

Put the seeds down about 3 times the size of the seed.  Tiny seeds just need to be pushed into the soil.  If you are unsure just look at the directions on the seed package. This is an important step when growing herbs indoors.

Now, water the seeds until the soil is moist.

Cover each pot with plastic wrap.  This will keep the soil moist and warm until your indoor herb garden begins to sprout.

Once the seeds sprout you can remove the plastic wrap.  You are well on your way to having a great indoor herb garden.

You’ll want to water your indoor herb garden daily.  Keep in mind that some herbs, like basil do not like their leaves wet, so water from the bottom.  Check the soil, if it feels dry then water your indoor herb garden.

After 10 days or so feed your indoor herb garden.  Continue to add food every two weeks.  Your indoor herb garden will only grow if properly fed.

After about 4 weeks you should be able to start trimming your indoor herb garden.  Make sure to read up on the requirements of the individual herbs when trimming but generally speaking after about a month you should be able to start enjoying fresh herbs from your indoor herb garden!

You see, growing herbs indoors is easy!  I’ve linked some items you may like below to help you start your own indoor herb garden.

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