About FCO

FeaturedContentOnline is a site borne of frustration.  This frustration comes from other sites where writers are treated as nothing more than faceless accounts and income generators.  This site is designed to free writers of confusing rules (rules that are often ignored by so-called editors) and downright dishonesty that other sites seem to inflict on their authors on a whim.

Originally I began publishing articles on other sites, but after countless articles were deleted without notice, and, apparently without good cause I gave up on them.  FCO is a place where a writer can publish an article and know that once approved, it will NEVER be deleted.

Our promise to you is honesty and integrity, qualities that sadly, seem to be getting rarer and rarer these days.

By honesty we simply mean this:  If our publishing policy says X, Y and Z are allowed, then it is, no ifs, ands, or buts.  AND, we won’t confuse you by publishing articles ourselves that clearly violate these rules.

Integrity?  That’s simple.  We will give our writers every tool we can to allow them to earn as much money as possible.  There will be no ‘skimming’, no republishing of your articles to make more money for us, and best of all, we’ll review your articles and give you tips and ideas to help you make even more money.

We firmly believe that by treating our writers with respect and honesty that we can create a publishing site where everybody wins, not only us, but also you.  When YOU make more money, WE make more money; this is our number one goal with FeaturedContentOnline.

Our plans moving forward are twofold.  First we want to give you a place to publish anything you want, whether a full article, a ‘Quicklink’, or a multi-part guide.  In addition, while we’re in our building up stage, we’ll be rewarding contributors with a flat money reward for publishing articles.

FeaturedContentOnline.  A site where people learn and writers earn.

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