Amazing World of Warcraft Accessories and Gifts

World of warcraft accessories

World of Warcraft wall art is nicely done and worthy of display in your home

If you know somebody who plays World of Warcraft then you’ve probably considered buying some World of Warcraft accessories as a gift.  Believe it or not there are many World of Warcraft accessories out there for you to choose from.  In this article we’ll take a look at some of the more popular World of Warcraft accessories, to make this easier I’ll divide these into three groups; accessories for game play, accessories for the home and finally accessories to wear.

World of Warcraft accessories to improve your game play experience

When it comes to becoming a better WoW player there are a few things you can use; a better keyboard, a gaming mouse, a precision mouse pad and finally a great WoW leveling guide.

world of warcraft keyboard

The SteelSeries World of Warcraft Keyboard

First off there’s the Steelseries Zboard gaming keyboard (pictured on the left) this keyboard features a custom keyset that’s interchangable with other keysets.  All the important keys are clearly labeled to make gaming that much easier.

Steelseries also makes a special edition World of Warcraft gaming mouse.  This mouse is truly incredible.  It’s fully customizable with 16 million different color combinations to choose from.  It’ll also store 10 different character profiles (great for the WoW player with lots of alts) and it has 15 programable keys, simply incredible.

Next up is the Steelseries gaming fragmat.  The surface of this fragmat is specially designed to provide a precise, easy to use gaming surface.  This fragmat is used by more professional gamers than any other, that alone should say enough.

And lastly, but certainly not least is the Zygors WoW leveling guide.  Much more than just a cheesy ebook or website membership, the Zygor guide works IN the game to provide the player with the fastest path to leveling.  Imagine, level 80 in a week, that’s no joke.  If you want to level up fast and get to max level to really start playing WoW than this fast leveling WoW guide is an absolute must have item.

World of Warcraft accessories for your home

Next we’ll look at some WoW accessories that you can display in your home.  From statues of WoW characters to works of art they’re all nicely done and well worth displaying.

warcraft figurines

These World of Warcraft Figurines are collectible

World of Warcraft statues are available for just about every character you’ll encounter in the game.  These are all very nicely done and are collectors items.  I’ve linked one of them to the right, but if you follow the link you’ll be able to browse dozens more.

World of Warcraft art items, from wall art, art books to calenders are also available.  I consider these wonderful gifts for the more ‘sophisticated’ world of warcraft player.  They are most definitely collectible and worthy of displaying.  For the home office how about a World of Warcraft desk clock.  Check out this incredible World of Warcraft ‘Blood of the Horde’ Beer Stein!

World of Warcraft accessories that you can wear

world of warcraft hoodie

This World of Warcraft hoodie is really nice!

These are just plain fun, various WoW themed clothing items like shirts, hoodies and hats.  These even have authentic WoW descriptions such as ‘Bag of Holding’ on them.  Really nice and functional too.  World of Warcraft wallets are also available.

World of Warcraft Horde 3D Flexfit Hat
World of Warcraft Death Knight Lore T-shirt
World Of Warcraft +20 Frost Resistance Zip Up Hoodie
The Bag of Holding Messenger Bag

As you can see there are many World of Warcraft accessories out there.  There’s most certainly something of interest that you’ll find.  Keep in mind that there are so many items available that I just couldn’t list them all so click on any of the above links and start browsing, you really will be amazed at the selection available out there.

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