Antivirus for Gamers – What’s the Best Antivirus Program for Gamers?

antivirus for gamers

Don't make excuses, get an antivirus for gamers

Antivirus for gamers, a sad necessity these days.  Gamers, especially online gamers have a unique problem not shared by so called normal internet users.  Not only are they online for long periods of time, but they are also using a peer to peer network.  Using an antivirus designed especially for gamers is a great idea as not only will it protect your system but it won’t slow your PC down, and we all know how annoying lag can be.  When shopping around for a good antivirus for gamers be aware that there are indeed free ones available out there so you don’t really have to spend any additional money if you don’t want to (and seriously, who does..)

Antivirus for Gamers – Free antivirus programs useful to gamers

Avira Antivirus Personal Edition.  I’ve been using this particular antivirus for years now.  It’s very light on system resources and will not noticeably slow down your gaming experience.  When it comes to free antivirus for gamers this is a very good one.  I should say though, there is a version called Avira Premium Security Suite that is better but isn’t free, I’ll talk about that one later.  This free edition does everything you need it to do, antivirus, anti phishing,   Although it doesn’t include any email scanning you’re probably not going to be sending or reading any email while playing anyway.  Use this one in addition to another free antivirus program to protect your PC when not online gamine.

Next up is Avast Home Edition.  This is another free antivirus for gamers that also has a lightweight footprint in your system.  Personally I don’t use this one because of it’s weird interface, which is styled after media player controls.  It does have antivirus, rootkit scanning and anti spyware scanning so it does everything without producing much lag at all.  You might want to give this one a try if you don’t mind the interface.

Antivirus for Gamers – Programs you’ll have to pay for

Eset NOD32 Antivirus.  A relatively new player on the block when it comes to antivirus for gamers is Eset NOD32 antivirus.  I have to say this one is incredible, it has a microscopic system footprint that isn’t noticeable at all.  In addition it’s scanning is blazing fast.  I’d recommend this one to hardcore/power gamers that seriously need to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their system.  This one does NOT have a built in firewall, which to be honest seems to be just about standard among other retail antivirus solutions.  You can however download free firewall programs to get around this.  I recommend this one to hardcore gamers only due to it’s price.

Avira Premium Security Suite.  Just like it’s free cousin this one has a lightweight system footprint.  Available in this retail version though is something called ‘Gamer mode’ which, to put it simply just disables the popups and other notifications you may get so as to not interrupt your gaming.  It’s a nice program at a mid price point.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.  This antivirus for gamers has some nice features.  I have to mention though that this one has a slightly heavier system footprint than the other antivirus for gamers programs listed here.  Like Avira above this one has a gamer mode as well as an ‘Auto Pilot’ , which has the program make decisions while your playing without an annoying pop up box.  The tradeoff here with the bigger system drain is the plethora of features not found in the other antivirus programs.  In addition to antivirus, there’s a wireless protection program, anti phishing, anti spyware, email protection, IM protection, Parental blocking mode, privacy protection and firewall. A seriously good product if you can deal with the (slightly) heavier system load.

Norton AntiVirus gaming edition.  As much as I love to hate Norton products you simply have to give some credit where it’s due.  This is simply a top notch program that really gives gamers everything they need.  In addition to the ‘Gamer mode’ common in the other programs this one also gives the option to altogether suspend real-time scanning while playing to free even more system resources.  In addition to that any updates that are needed are downloaded automatically in tiny pulses so as not to hog bandwith.  5 star reviews on Amazon and a price tag under $12, you really can’t beat this one at all.  Highly recommended!

So there you have it, some free and retail antivirus for gamers that should provide you with the freedom to game without interruption.

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