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The motorcycle Jacket armor should be removable for maximum comfort when your off your bikeIf you’re looking for the best armored motorcycle jacket there’s certainly plenty to choose from out there.  From textile to kevlar, armored motorcycle jackets vary in  protection levels, quality, style and price.  The key to finding the best armored motorcycle jackets is knowing what armor level you want, how you’ll wear it and how much you want to spend.  I’m going to go over the different levels of motorcycle jacket armor, then discuss the different features you’ll find on motorcycle jackets and finally link a few of the best examples of armored motorcycle jackets available.

Armored motorcycle jackets have different armor classes – what does this mean?

Well, there are three levels of motorcycle jacket armor.  Level 1 to Level 3, the higher the number the better the protection offered by the jacket.  To put it simply, level one armor is generally what you’ll get from a simple leather jacket, which is great abrasion protection but little impact resistance.  Level 2 armor offers twice the protection of level one and is generally what you’ll get from a heavy leather jacket with some armor padding.  Level 3 gives twice the protection level of level 2 and is usually kevlar armor.  Obviously kevlar is the way to go for the absolute best protection.

When it comes to armor on a motorcycle jacket you’ll want the armor to be located in the following areas; the back, shoulders and elbows.  Now, with class 1 armor you’ll get the most freedom of movement, with class 3 however you’ll be quite restricted.  That brings us to our next point.

Now one point I want to make here is about comfort.  Most motorcycle jacket armor is removable.  Having an armored motorcycle jacket is great when riding, but it’s kind’ve annoying and restrictive when your not on your bike.  There are two ways you can go here, you can have a motorcycle jacket without armor, like a leather jacket and use a separate armor kit, or you can remove the armor from the jacket if you’ll be off for a while.  This is totally up to you, personally I remove the elbow armor since it’s the most annoying.  Look for this feature when buying an armored jacket if this is an issue for you.

Now that we know a little bit about motorcycle jacket armor let’s take a closer look at some of the features you’ll find, and should be aware of on common motorcycle jackets.

What are some features I’ll find on a good motorcycle jacket?

motorcycle jacket armor

Mesh doesn’t offer any impact protection, make sure the jacket has armor too!

We’ve already discussed the armor issue so let’s go ahead and look at some of the comfort features.

  • The motorcycle jacket should have vents, even on cold days you can get a little warm and having vents can really add to your comfort level.  On warm days don’t even think about putting on an unvented motorcycle jacket, you’ll regret it.  Use a mesh jacket with armor plates.
  • A removable thermal liner will give you some flexibility on colder days, some days you’ll want to remove that liner if it isn’t that cold out.
  • The sleeves should have some form of mechanism to tighten them against your wrist, again, on cold days this will prevent that wind from going right up your arm.
  • I like to have over sized pockets that are VERY easy to open.  With motorcycle gloves it’s nice to be able to get into your pocket without having to take your glove off.
  • Also look for a good seal around the waste, again, this is to prevent wind from getting in.
  • For heavier jackets there absolutely should be a water resistant coating unless you have separate rain gear.
  • I like to have a collar that I can fold up if it gets a little chilly, not necessary if you wear a balaclava.
  • For visibility look for lighter colors like white, orange or yellow.  At the very least the jacket should have reflective panels.

So there you go, take into consideration the armor level you want, whether you can remove it or not and then look into the styling for the best comfort levels in a variety of weather conditions. Now, it’s not uncommon to own a few different armored motorcycle jackets, in fact I own three, so you can specialize your jacket for different temperature ranges.

Take a look at some of the better Armored Motorcycle Jackets out there

Now let’s take a look at some fine armored motorcycle jackets.
Men’s Black and Grey Armored Motorcycle Tri-Tex Fabric Jackets
Men’s Black and Yellow Waterproof Tri-Tex™ Fabric Motorcycle Jacket with Level-3 Advanced Armor
Xelement CF-509 Mesh Sports Armored Motorcycle Jacket

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