How to Become a Paid Sperm Donor

These days, with the economy the way it is, times are a bit tough.  If you’ve run out of stuff to sell on eBay then maybe it’s time you became a paid sperm donor.  The approval process to become a paid sperm donor can be quite long, and the screening process is very thorough.  But, if you pass all the tests you can make some nice money as a paid sperm donor.  To save you some time I’ve listed some of the more common requirements that you should meet if you really want to become a paid sperm donor.

Here are some of the more common requirements that you’ll encounter at local sperm banks.

  • You should be at least 5′ 8″ tall.  You can certainly apply if you’re shorter but keep in mind that most women want tall sperm donors.
  • As far as age goes you should be between 18 and 40 years old.  Older isn’t necessarily out of the question especially if you’re quite intelligent.
  • Your weight should be normal.  If you’re overweight you’ll probably be rejected instantly.  Make sure your weight is normal before you apply to become a paid sperm donor.
  • You should be well educated.  If you’re younger then college might not be in the picture yet so a good high school record is a must.
  • You shouldn’t have any diseases, don’t lie about this because you will be tested.
  • You should be able to trace your family tree to provide the health history of your parents.
  • And finally you should be able to provide 4 or 5 deposits in the first month.  For most guys this isn’t an issue.

As far as the process to becoming a paid sperm donor it’s quite simple.  You should find a local sperm bank and contact them over the phone, there should be a few links on this page to help with that.

You’ll be given a quick phone interview, if they like what they hear you’ll be invited in to drop off a ‘sample’.

They’ll test the sample for motility, count deformity and freezability, and if it passes all their tests you’ll be invited in once again to undergo some tests for diseases, STDs etc..

Should you pass all the health tests you’ll usually be asked to come in once again and be offered a contract.

I know the process is long but if it were easy just about every 18yr old guy would be a paid sperm donor.  Keep at it and take your time and you just might get that magical contract to become a paid sperm donor.

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