How can I Become a Vampire? – Easy Ways to Become a Vampire

how can i become a vampire

How can I become a Vampire? Read on...

If you’re wondering how can I become a vampire don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy.  The important thing is you can’t turn to Hollywood to get the answer to ‘how can I become a vampire‘ because they have it horribly wrong.  I’m sure you know that lately there have been many movies about vampires, and, the fact is for ages they’ve been filling our heads with the wrong way to become a vampire. As you know the legend of the vampire is centuries old, originating in eastern Europe, they’ve been documenting the many ways to become a vampire for as long as vampires have existed.  Read on to learn some of the easier ways you can get the answer to that age old question, ‘how can I become a vampire’

How can I become a Vampire? – Be a really bad person

It’s always been generally believed that sinners, heretics and other evil people are doomed to walk the earth as the undead, a vampire, upon ‘death’, preying on those that may yet be saved.  In addition, the church believes that a person who dies without receiving last rites is a prime candidate to become a vampire.  So, be an evil person and shun religion to increase the chances of becoming a vampire.

How can I become a Vampire? – Practice black magics

If you spend a good amount of time learning and practicing the darker magics that are out there you’ll be a prime candidate to arise as a vampire.  Now, to be honest this takes lots of work so you’ll need to practice your evil witchery day and night.  And don’t stop and mildly evil magic, summon the most evil spirits you can.  Throughout history it’s always been believed that those who delve into the darkest of magics are vulnerable to becoming a vampire upon death.

How can I become a Vampire? – Pick a fight with a werewolf

Despite what Hollywood would have you believe being killed by a werewolf will doom the victim to walking the earth for all eternity as a vampire.  There has always been a strong connection between

ways to become a vampire

Learn some easy ways to become a Vampire

werewolves and vampires.  In addition, a werewolf that dies is often resurrected as a vampire as well.  So, if possible, pick a fight with a werewolf that you know, and make sure you lose.  If you are unlucky enough to become a werewolf just get yourself killed, that is a sure way to become a vampire.

Now for some tips that will help you finally get the answer to ‘How do I become a vampire’

  • If, for some reason, you just can’t get a werewolf to attack you just poke it a few times with a stick, they really hate that.
  • I know I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t stress enough the importance of summoning the most evil of spirits when you practice your dark magic.
  • It is vitally important that you leave instructions in your will to NOT be cremated otherwise all your hard work will be wasted.

So there you have it, some easy ways to finally become a vampire.  It’ll take lots of work but the important thing is to keep at it.  If it were easy everyone would be a vampire.

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