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Don't forget to go verticle with a small corner computer desk!

Measured correctly a small corner computer desk can be a great piece of home office furniture.  Whether you’ll use it for gaming, surfing the web or actual work there are some things you really need to know before you put down your hard earned money for a small computer desk.  Read on to learn what you need to know to choose the best small computer desk for your money.

The first thing to consider is where the small corner computer desk will go.  Measure this area carefully and also consider that there will be a chair there too.  Will you block doorways or other areas?  Get the measurement and when shopping for a small corner computer desk don’t go over these measurements.

Once you have the measurements you really must consider the equipment you have and how it’ll fit on the small corner computer desk.  Keep in mind that the monitor if positioned in the center can NOT go all the way back, you can lose up to a foot of desk depth with a large monitor.

I find the best thing to do is lay out an actual cardboard template of the desk that you’re considering.  I know this may sound stupid but after you layout all the templates for your equipment (monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers) you may be surprised to see how little space you’ll really have left.

Once all the sizing considerations are done consider the legs.  Some small corner computer desks are constructed more like a triangular box without legs per se, these provide the most room to maneuver the chair.  Others have real legs.  If space is a real issue or you want a large, comfy computer desk chair then look at this closely.

A small and simple corner computer desk

When it comes to material and construction a good rule of thumb is that the more expensive the computer desk is the better quality it is.  If you’ll use the small corner computer desk for some intense gaming sessions then do yourself a favor and don’t skimp here.

Always, and I mean always, get a corner computer desk with a keyboard drawer.  There’s limited real estate on the desk so it’s best to place the keyboard in a pull out drawer.  Consider the size of your keyboard, especially if you have a gaming keyboard.  If necessary, there are keyboard drawers that you can add yourself for relatively low cost.

Here’s a little tip to get the most space from your small corner computer desk.  Use a monitor stand, by lifting your monitor even just a few inches you’ll be able to reclaim that space to use as storage.

And finally make sure you read small corner computer desk reviews from such sites as Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even Amazon.  These sites have honest, real corner computer desk reviews from actual consumers and will be a very useful to help you get the perfect corner computer desk at a great price.

A nice, small corner computer desk available on Amazon for a great price.

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