What are the Best Ways to Stop Snoring?

These are some of the best ways to stop snoring, try them!

Some of the best ways to stop snoring are also totally natural. There’s no reason to use a dental device or have surgery to stop snoring especially when you can just follow some simple rules to lessen, or even stop snoring completely. Let’s look at some of the causes of snoring and then some of the best ways to stop snoring.

One of the reasons why people snore is because their airway is partially blocked. The best way to stop snoring because of this is simply to sleep on a thick, or multiple pillows to lift the head up and open the airway.

Sleeping on your side can also open the airway. When you sleep on your back you compress the airway. Sleeping on your side opens the airway. This is a simple yet effective way to stop snoring.

You’ll want to avoid milk and other dairy products before going to bed. Dairy products cause a buildup of mucus in the nasal passage which can lead to snoring.

Losing weight can also help reduce snoring. If you’re overweight this can lead to compression of the airway, and snoring. This is one of the best, and healthy ways to stop snoring.

Avoid alcohol, tranquilizers and cold medicines before going to bed. These can cause the throat muscles to relax and thus restrict the airway and cause snoring.

And finally, take a teaspoon of honey before going to bed. This can lubricate the airway and reduce snoring significantly.

Try one or all of the above methods and see if they’ll reduce or even stop your snoring. If all else fails, however, perhaps you should look into a dental device to open the airway fully.

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