The Bradley Original Smoker – One of the Best Smokers Money can buy

The Bradley Original Smoker

Let’s take a detailed look at the Bradley original smoker, in my opinion, just about the best backyard smoker money can buy.  There are many people out there that’ll say if it isn’t wood or charcoal it isn’t BBQ, and, on the other hand there are even some people that’ll say just throw some wood chips into your grill.  Let’s analyze some of the reasons why the Bradley original smoker comes out on top in terms of ease of use and results.

First off the Bradley original smoker uses a heating element, remember, true BBQ is done at 225 degrees or so, there’s no need for a roaring fire here.  Low and slow is the rule.  With a Bradley you just dial up the temperature you want and forget about it.  It’ll stay there without much effort from you.  A true fire BBQ pit, whether it be charcoal or wood requires constant attention to maintain the right temps, you’ll even have to add fuel after a few hours.  This is a real hassle especially for long 12+ hour cooks.  As far as using your grill, running out of fuel is a real consideration, do you have an extra propane tank on hand?

The inner workings of the Bradley original smoker

Smoke flavoring, after all the goal here is to add some smoke to your meat, otherwise just throw it in your oven and be done with it.  Both the grill and fire type BBQ pits are capable of adding real smoke flavor, but with little control over how much or the type.  This is where the Bradley original smoker truly shines.  There is an electric hopper that feeds wood ‘discs’ into a heating element, one every 20 minutes.  So, by mixing and matching different discs you can perfectly control the amount and type of wood flavoring you want to add to the meat.  For example, when I make ribs I use a total of 2 hours of smoke (6 discs)  I use 3 apple wood and 3 maple wood.  For pork butt however I go with 3 hours of smoke (9 discs) 2 oak, 5 maple and two apple wood.  I can get whatever smoke flavor I desire.  Take a look at the picture above to see the hopper system.

There are some other considerations here as well.  Most grills aren’t sealed, meaning air gets in.  It’s nearly impossible to keep steady temperatures in a grill where the air freely gets in.  A charcoal or wood BBQ is a great piece of equipment but it takes experience to use properly, until you get good you WILL be wasting lots of meat.  In addition, for long cooks you WILL be getting up in the middle of the night to add fuel, this is a real hassle.

Take a look at the Bradley Original Smoker on Amazon, I can write a billion words here but I think the reviews speak for themselves.  This is a great smoker that will serve you well for many years.

In the end, for the beginner BBQ pit master the Bradley original smoker is the clear winner.  If you just want real BBQ meat without any of the hassle I urge you to take a look at these, you will be happy with the results.

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