Building Muscle Fast – Building muscle quickly is possible

Learn what it takes for building muscle fast

Building muscle fast can be done with proper technique and if you pay attention to some simple rules.  I’ll go through the steps you need to take to succeed at building muscle fast, it’ll be hard, but it will happen.  There are many people who start off with the best of intentions but fail because they didn’t understand that building muscle quickly is a science, not spending more time at the gym.  Read on to learn about building muscle fast and get huge!

Building muscle fast – what are the common myths out there

There are so many myths out there concerning building muscle fast, some spread by commercials, other by word of mouth.

  • You convert fat to muscle.  This is just wrong.  If this were the case every guy with a beer gut who started working out would have enormous abs.  The fact is, if you’re running a calorie deficit the body will convert fat to fuel.  You’ll burn the fat, not convert it. And, related to this..
  • You can build muscle and lose weight at the same time.  Again, wrong, to build muscle you need to gain weight, which is the opposite of losing weight.  You’ll need a calorie surplus to build muscle so there isn’t any way to lose weight.  You can run a calorie deficit for a few months to lose fat, and then go to a surplus for a few months to build muscle quickly.  This is how professional bodybuilders do it.
  • Hit the gym hard and often to build muscle fast.  No, you’ll end up over training your muscles and getting little if any muscle gain.  Hit the gym hard, but don’t work the same muscle group more than every other day, less often if you’re older.  Your muscles need time to recover and grow, there’s no way around this.

With the myths out of the way let’s move on

Building muscle fast – The right way to do it

Hit the gym and stimulate muscle growth, this means work your target area until it hurts, no pain no gain isn’t just a saying, it’s the truth.  If you destroy muscle fibers in the gym the body will repair and augment them at night while you sleep.

He'll be building muscle fast in no time!

You’ll need to eat about 6 meals a day, shooting for about 500 or so calorie surplus each week, this should result in a weight gain of about 8 pounds a month, 6 of which should be muscle.  Don’t try to gain more than this, as the muscle to fat ratio will increase.  You should also try to take in about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.  Muscle is made of protein after all so give your body what it needs to grow.

Supplement with a good multi vitamin and perhaps other bodybuilding supplements.  Use a great multi vitamin, by great I don’t mean the stuff for ‘common’ folks, you want to get huge so get a multi designed for bodybuilders such as the animal pak.

And finally get some sleep, as I said earlier muscle grows while you sleep so don’t cheat yourself out of building muscle quickly.  Get at least 7 hours a night, no exceptions.

So there you have it, workout, eat, supplement and sleep.  You do this and building muscle quickly will be easy for you.

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