How to Buy the Best Dog Training Collar with Remote

dog training collar with remote

A top quality dog training collar will have a remote where you can adjust intensity levels

It’s no secret that using a dog training collar is the best, quickest and easiest way to train a dog.  Using a dog training collar with remote gives you all the benefits and also the ability to deliver corrective stimuli at range, a great way to correct your pet at the park or in your back yard.  Like just about any other product there are good units, and not so good units out there and the key to finding the best dog training collar with remote lies in the ability to understand the features and what they do.  Let’s take a look at the different features you’ll find on today’s dog training collar with remote, how they are used and finally a quick look at some of the top rated units out there.

What are some of the different stimuli I’ll find on a good dog training collar with remote?

This is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of a dog training collar.  By delivering different stimuli you’ll get the dogs attention and correct bad behavior.  There are four different types of stimuli that you’ll find out there.  I’ve broken these down into primary and secondary types.

First off there are two different primary stimuli available.  The electric shock and the citronella spray.  Most people are familiar with the electric type but not the spray type.

  • citronella spray collar

    This is a citronella spray collar

    The electric shock is a harmless shock that will quickly get your dogs attention.  It is absolutely harmless and not painful.  Just like a static shock may surprise you it certainly doesn’t hurt you.  I will point out at this point it’s important that you use the proper size electric collar for your dog.  You really don’t want to deliver a shock designed for a 80 pound dog to a chihuahua.

  • Next up is the citronella spray.  Personally I like this type even though it takes a bit more maintenance than the electric variety.  Check out the photo to the right.  There’s a small canister of harmless citronella that is sprayed in front of the dog when a correction is needed.  It stimulates sight, smell and sound so it’s quite effective.  You will need replacement citronella cartridges though.

Now let’s take a look at the secondary stimuli, these are delivered in conjunction with the primary stimuli and, after a while, you can stop the primary and use the secondary only.

  • Sound stimuli, a good dog training collar will deliver a tone at the same time as the shock or spray.
  • Vibration, this is nice if your dog is deaf.  You’ll be able to deliver a vibration with the shock or spray.

So, with all these available stimuli how does this work?  Well at first you’ll deliver a shock, tone and vibration when a correction is needed.  After a while, maybe a week, you can stop the shock and give only the tone and vibration.  A little while later just give the vibration or tone.  A good dog training collar with remote will give you the ability to adjust what stimuli you’re delivering right on the remote.  Even better is the ability to adjust the shock on the remote too.

Additional Features you’ll Find on Remote Dog Training Collars

Here are some additional features you’ll find out there.  Generally the better the dog training collar with remote is, the more of these features you’ll have.

  • The receiver unit should be waterproof, not just water resistant but waterproof.  You’re dog still needs to go out when it’s raining or in the snow so don’t ignore this.
  • A good warranty.  And no, a one year warranty isn’t good.  Your dog will run around and climb on things so a good warranty is vital.
  • Good range.  Just because it has a remote doesn’t mean it can be used across the state.  Make sure the range is appropriate for where you’ll use it.
  • Low battery indicator.  We all know the battery will die at a critical moment so this is just necessary.
  • Ability to adjust stimuli on the remote itself.  I’ve said this before but this is really important.
  • Rechargeable batteries are nice, it’s green and it’ll save you some money in the long run.
  • A good training manual that’s easy to follow.

So there you have it.  Now that you know what features you’ll find on a good dog training collar with remote let’s take a look at some of the proven, highly rated units.  I think these are the best and offer the best value at their price point.

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