How to Buy the Best Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

g19 illuminated gaming keyboard

This Logitech G19 is perhaps the finest illuminated gaming keyboard ever made

Owning a good illuminated gaming keyboard is a must if you’re serious about gaming.  I think I speak for every gamer when I say that playing in the dark is a must, but searching for the right key in the heat of battle is annoying.  Using the right illuminated gaming keyboard will eliminate this problem, and also provide you with some more tools you can use to take your PC gaming up a notch.  Finding the perfect illuminated gaming keyboard might be difficult though, with all the different models and manufacturers out there today.  Read on to learn about the most common features you’ll find on a top quality illuminated gaming keyboard.

A top quality illuminated keyboard will allow you to adjust the light level and even the color of the light that it uses.  Also, make sure the illuminated gaming keyboard is backlit as well as having the keys lit too, this will make identifying the keys much easier, especially those less often used F1 to F12 keys.  Trust me, you’ll really appreciate this during an intense gaming session.

Just about every illuminated gaming keyboard on the market today has some special function keys that are programmable.  The kind of games you normally play will determine how many you need if any.  For example, shooters and action type games generally don’t have many special key combos, while MMOs and strategy games do.  The type of games you play should determine if you need a gaming keyboard with just a few programmable keys, or lots of them.

I absolutely recommend, before you buy any illuminated gaming keyboard, that you read some gaming keyboard reviews.  You should get an idea if the particular keyboard you’re interested in is made well and won’t break easily.  Remember, unlike a normal keyboard a gaming keyboard can be subjected to much abuse, especially during a tough gaming session.

Note:  An illuminated gaming keyboard can be much larger than a normal one so it’s important that you measure the area where the gaming keyboard will go.  If you use a keyboard drawer this is vitally important.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other features you’ll find on the average illuminated gaming keyboard.  I don’t consider any of these vital but can, and often do give you some added value.

USB ports.  I like being able to plug my headphones and microphone into my keyboard, it gives me some more room and are much easier to unplug when I’m not gaming.

  • Good, easy to use software.  You’ll appreciate easy to use software especially if you’ll be making lots of macros.
  • Built in volume control.  It’s nice to be able to adjust volume levels without leaning forward and doing it manually on the speakers, I guess I’m just lazy.
  • A gamer mode key.  If you’ve ever accidentally hit the ‘windows’ key while gaming you know it’ll instantly dump you to your desktop.  A good illuminated gaming keyboard will allow you to disable this key with a press of a button.

Once you’ve narrowed down the top two or three illuminated keyboard models that have all the features you need I suggest that you read computer gaming keyboard reviews on such sites as Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and especially on Amazon. They’ll have honest, unbiased gaming keyboard reviews by actual gamers that will help you get the best illuminated gaming keyboard that fits your needs perfectly.

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