How to Buy the Best Two Person Sleeping Bag

two person sleeping bag

A two person sleeping bag can be fun!

If you’re going to be camping with your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend having a two person sleeping bag is great since you’ll get to sleep with your loved one lying next to you.  With a two person sleeping bag however there are a few considerations you need to be aware of to help you find the best one for your needs.  Like all sleeping bags you’ll need to consider temperature and weather, but with a two person sleeping bag you also need to consider size, weight and zipper location.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and considerations you should look out for when shopping for the best two person sleeping bag for the money.

A two person sleeping bag, just like all sleeping bags, are rated for how low a temperature they can keep you comfortable in.  This is of course a general rule, you should use this as a guide only.  If you like to sleep with a bit of cold then go for one with a temperature rating that’s 10 degrees warmer, on the other hand if you pile on the blankets during the winter then 10 degrees colder is best for you.  Now, with a two person sleeping bag since you can count on more body heat I usually recommend going for one that’s rated 10 degrees warmer.

When deciding on the fill to get in the two person sleeping bag you’ll need to determine if weight is an issue.  There are two main types of fill available; down or synthetic.  Synthetic is cheaper but tends to weigh more, down is more expensive but will weight much less.  In addition down is nearly useless if it gets wet.  So, if you’ll be hiking you’ll probably want to go with a down fill, unless wet weather is expected.

When it comes to the shapes available for a two person sleeping bag you’ll almost always see rectangle shaped ones.  If you look though you’ll find some that are a bit smaller at the feet, and wider at the chest.  This is only really a useful feature in cold weather where the less interior space is easier to keep warm in.

You’ll find that just about every two person sleeping bag works out to be about equal to a double size bed.  There are some however that can be doubled up to make the equivalent of a king size bed.  These general feature left or right hand zippers, so you’ll have to order one of each so they can zip together.  Here’s a tip, make sure your tent has enough floor space to hold such an enormous sleeping bag.

Some other things to look for are good baffles to keep the filling in the right place (especially important for down filled two person sleeping bags), good quality zippers.  Although I prefer separate pillows some will come with built in ones.  I also suggest you make sure the warranty is acceptable, a one year warranty isn’t.

Once you know the rating, fill and shape of the two person sleeping bag you need I suggest you read outdoor sleeping bag reviews on sites like Consumer Search or Consumer Reports. They have unbiased outdoor sleeping bag reviews from users just like yourself and will really help you choose the right outdoor sleeping bag. You will of course find more helpful links right here on this page too.

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