How to Buy the Best Small Room Air Purifiers

small room air purifiers

IONICs are simple the best small room air purifiers out there

If you have a home office or other small room that you spend significant amount of time in owning and using one of the many small room air purifiers on the market today can provide a significant health benefit.  Choosing the right small room air purifiers is a little different than choosing one for a larger room so it’s important you know what features you should look for, and which to avoid.  The key to finding the best small room air purifiers is knowing what your needs are and how you will use it.  Let’s look at some of the features available on today’s small room air purifiers.

During the winter, with the house all closed up it’s not uncommon for many allergens to be present in the air, such as dust mites.  In the summer it’s not much better since you’ll also have to contend with mold spores and pollen.  Using one of the many good small room air purifiers can relieve many allergy and asthma symptoms you or your family may be experiencing.

Let’s look at the two main types of air purifiers and see which are the best small room air purifiers, you’ll see that the choice is clear.

First off there is the HEPA air purifier.

The benefits are..

  • Moves and cleans lots of air real fast, great choice for large rooms


  • LOUD
  • Filter must be replaced, these are costly
  • Purely a mechanical device.
  • Uses lots of power

And now for the IONIC air purifier.

The benefits are..

  • Whisper quiet
  • No filter to replace
  • Purely electronic, no moving parts
  • Uses practically no power


  • Moves little air, poor choice for large rooms

So you see, in a small room the IONIC air purifier is clearly the best small room air purifiers to get.  The fact that it moves little air is almost irrelevant since you can leave it on for many hours without it disturbing you.

Now that you know the differences between the two types of room air purifiers lets take a look at the cost.  The HEPA type usually has a smaller up front cost, but does use more electricity and you’ll need to buy a new filter yearly.  Note:  Some new models of HEPA air purifiers feature permanent filters, these will still need to be washed yearly to maintain the air purifiers effectiveness.  Now the IONIC air purifier usually costs more up front but uses virtually no electricity and there’s no filter to replace.

Let’s look at the warranty now.  The HEPA is a purely mechanical air purifier and as such you should look for a longer warranty, in my opinion a one year warranty just doesn’t cut it.  The ionic on the other hand is purely electronic and like most electronic devices if it’s going to fail it’ll usually do so in the first six months or so, so you can get a shorter warranty.

When you’re finally ready to go out and find the best small room air purifiers I suggest you read some indoor air purifier reviews to see what other people are saying about the small room air purifier you’re interested in. Indoor air purifier reviews from such sites as Consumer Search and Consumer Reports are written by unbiased users like yourself and can really help you find the best one that fits your needs, and your budget perfectly.

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