How to Buy a Cigar Humidor – Tips on Finding the Best Cigar Humidor

how to buy a cigar humidor properly

Learn how to buy a cigar humidor like a pro!

Many cigar smokers just don’t know how to buy a cigar humidor.  There are certainly many on the market today but unfortunately they aren’t all good quality and, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, can actually impair your precious cigars flavor.  If you want to know how to buy a cigar humidor it’s essential that you know what materials they should be made of, what materials to avoid and how they work.  I’m going to cover the materials you’ll encounter out there when shopping for a new cigar humidor as well as how they work and what you should look for.  It’s easy to know how to buy a cigar humidor when you know exactly what to look for, and what to avoid.

How does a Cigar Humidor work?

One of the key things when learning how to buy a cigar humidor is understanding how, and why they work.  Just as important is understanding what happens when they don’t work.

A good cigar humidor will maintain the cigars at about 65 – 70 degrees and the humidity level at 70%.  Cigars maintained at these levels can be stored for a long time, and, if you’re storing different cigars, they’ll begin to take on some of the flavor and aroma qualities of it’s neighbors.  One of the benefits of using a cigar humidor is making your own unique flavor profiles my mixing and matching different cigars.

  • If the cigar is stored at too low of a humidity level the cigar will burn too quickly and even take on a bitter taste.
  • Too much humidity and there’s a danger of rotting, mold and even worms!

The key to finding a cigar humidor that will store the cigars at optimum temperature and humidity is construction.  Let’s look at that now.

cigar humidors

Shopping for cigar humidors is easy when you know what to look for

First let’s consider the interior lining.  Avoid any type of fabric lining, that’s just wrong.  Wood is the only lining that should be considered.  There are three main woods used for humidor lining.

  • Spanish Cedar, this is by far the best and costliest material, but it will protect against worms and will maintain humidity levels quite well.  Another benefit is this will impart great flavor to the cigars over time.
  • American Cedar.  This costs a bit less but still maintains humidity well.  This will also protect against worms but unfortunately will give a generally undesirable flavor over time.
  • Honduran Mahogany.  This is the cheapest lining material you’ll find.  It looks nice but is actually not a very good choice for humidity maintenance.  Provides little protection against worms.  I’d avoid this material.

No matter which wood you eventually choose it’s extremely important that the lining wood be dried and unfinished.  Wood that isn’t dried will secrete resins over time that will impart unwanted flavors to your cigars.  If the wood is stained or finished in some other way it’ll also give off unwanted flavors.  Dried and unfinished Spanish Cedar is the clear choice here.

Let’s examine the rest of the cigar humidor construction qualities now.  Specifically I’m talking about the outside, or case.  Believe it or not the construction here isn’t too important at all, as long as it’s made of wood.  The lining is the most important part so go ahead and choose the outside that you find attractive.

Now, having said that let’s look at the lid because some mistakes can be made here.  You’ll want a lid that closes securely and is airtight.  After all, if air can get in easily maintaining proper humidity and temperature will be difficult if not impossible.  On that note I like to avoid a glass window as well, since this will let light and heat in.  Some of the better cigar humidors though will be able to overcome this with quality humidity agents, which we’ll look at now.

The final step in learning how to buy a cigar humidor is choosing the best humidity agent.  Luckily, the choice is clear.  In fact, the choice is so easy that I will only list the best type of humidity agent.  The acryl polymer humidity agent is the clear top choice out there.  It requires less maintenance, less refilling and will even bring the cigar humidor up to proper humidity levels far quicker than any other type.  It costs less too.

Let’s summarize the steps on how to buy a cigar humidor properly

Fist off, and just about the most important thing to do is look at the lining.  It should be a dried and unfinished Spanish Cedar.  Next the outside should be functional and attractive.  The lid MUST be air tight and constructed well.  Finally look for a good acryl polymer humidity agent.

Armed with the above information you should now know how to buy a cigar humidor like a  pro.  I would also suggest you read a few cigar humidor reviews to get an idea of what real users think of a particular model.  Consumer Reports and even Amazon are good places to check out.

Here’s a few different cigar humidors that are constructed well and fit the bill perfectly at a price that won’t break your budget.
San Souci Display 120 Cigar Humidor
Quality Importers Desktop Humidor
Tapered Burl Cigar Humidor Beveled Top 100 Count

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