Car Rental Tips to Save you Money – The car rental agreement is the key

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Read the car rental agreement before you take those keys

For most people the car rental agreement is just another of those documents that gets a quick glance and a signature.  Unfortunately this is the very document that spells out exactly how a car rental place is going to get some more cash from you.  Follow these car rental tips and learn some simple precautions to take that can, and often will, save you some money when you turn in your next car rental.

Before we go any further I’d like to point out that just about all major car rental places are, in fact, respectable places to rent a car.  With that being said I’d also like to say that, as you know, with the economy the way it is it’s not uncommon for a business to try to get as much money from you as they possibly can.The car rental agreement – Some tips to not get charged additional fees

The car rental agreement – Some tips to not get charged additional fees

A car rental place, just like any other business that’s rents things out, has to make money by renting their cars.  If you go online and schedule to pick up a car at 8 am on Monday, but don’t show up until noon, guess what..  The car sat there on the lot, unrented, for 4 hours.  You’ll pay a no-show fee for this.  On the other hand if you’re supposed to drop off the car at 3pm but don’t until 8pm the same thing will happen, you’ll get charged a fee.  Read the car rental agreement and see if there is any leeway here, if not, pickup or drop off the car on time.

Make sure the vehicle is spotless inside when you pick up the car.  If it isn’t then make sure they note that on the car rental agreement.  Just as important, make sure the car is clean when you drop it off.  If you smoke, just don’t do it in the car.  In any case you’ll be charged a nice cleaning fee.

Check the tank when you get in the car, if it isn’t full then once again have them note it on the car rental agreement.  Also, make sure the tank is full when you drop it off.  I mean fill up the tank just before you get to the lot and keep the receipt.  If it’s not full you’ll not only pay for the missing gas, but a wonderful fee on top of that too.

And finally, don’t fall for the old ‘you have to buy additional insurance’ line.  The fact is, even if you’re under 21, you do not have to buy additional insurance if you already have insurance.

Make sure you follow some of these car rental tips on your next car rental.  Read the car rental agreement and avoid any nasty, and costly, surprises the next time you rent a car.

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