Celtic Zippo Lighters – A Look at Some of the Best Celtic Zippo Lighters

celtic zippo lighters high polish

This is just one of many Celtic Zippo lighters available

Many people don’t know this but there are quite a few Celtic Zippo lighters available out there. Whether you’re looking for Celtic Zippo lighters to celebrate your heritage or just because you love the designs it doesn’t really matter.  Let’s take a look at some of the best Celtic Zippo Lighters that are available today.  For all these lighters you’ll find a link below the paragraph where you can purchase it at a good price.

Some of the Best Celtic Themed Zippo Lighters Available

First up is the Celtic cross (pictured to the left), the Celtic Zippo lighter is made of polished chrome and even comes in a collectible tin.  The cross itself is made of black gloss, with chrome scroll inside.  A very nice lighter indeed.
Zippo Celtic Cross High Polish Chrome Pocket Lighter

celtic silver dragon zippo

This is a wonderfully ornate Celtic Zippo

Now we have the Celtic silver dragon.  This is a seriously beautiful Zippo lighter indeed.  Although not very visible, the finish on this one is brushed chrome, not as shiny as the polished chrome examples above.  I should point out that these are collectible and thus supplies aren’t unlimited.  You’ll also find that this one will cost a bit more than others.
Zippo Lighter – Celtic Silver Dragon ZMP307072~200

celtic shamrock zippo

A classic Celtic Zippo lighter

Now we have the Celtic Shamrock Zippo lighter.  You can see the brushed chrome finish a bit better in this picture.  Unlike other cheap, non-zippo Irish themed lighters, the Shamrock on this Zippo has ornate scrolling to make it just a bit more special.  Once again this model is collectible.
Celtic Shamrock Zippo Lighter #169

I think you’re beginning to see why I believe the Celtic Zippo lighters are much better than the cheaply made competition.  The small details are what makes these lighters truly beautiful.

brushed celtic cross zippo lighter

This finish on this one has a more ‘medievel’ feel to it

Here’s another Celtic cross Zippo lighter.  The finish is brushed steel and the cross itself is a nice shade of green with lighter green scrolls.  What I really like about this one is it has a more medieval feel to it, in both finish and color scheme.
Celtic Cross Zippo Lighter #39

This Celtic Zippo has a sophisticated look to itThis one here is called the Celtic weave and knots Zippo.  Those of you familiar with Celtic designs may find this familiar.  What I like about this one is it’s two tone finish, the back and sides are high polish chrome while the weave face is brushed.  Another very nice, sophisticated Celtic Zippo lighter.
Zippo Custom Lighter – Engraved Celtic Weave & Knots

So there you have it, although if you search for Celtic lighters you’ll find many more examples they’ll be made by cheap companies that don’t have the famous Zippo warranty.  If you’re looking for a fine, high quality lighter that also has Celtic decor than I believe that these here are the best examples out there.

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