How to get Cheap Bike Insurance – Cheap motorcycle insurance in New York tips

get cheap insurance in new york

Follow these tips to get cheap insurance in New York

Cheap bike insurance, if you live in New York finding cheap insurance is possible, you just have to know where to look as well as take some preliminary steps to get the lowest quote.  Don’t fall into the trap that most people do and just get motorcycle insurance from the big guys, thinking it’s the best place to get cheap insurance in New York.  Read on to get some useful tips to help you get cheap bike insurance.

First off, and I know you probably think you already know this, shop around.  By shop around I do not mean check all the big insurance companies you see advertising on TV.  Remember, advertising costs money, a cost that’s passed on to you.  Click links to more obscure companies, they want you’re business and will provide competitive and cheap online motorcycle insurance quotes.  Also, don’t assume if you tack on a bike to your current car insurance you’ll get a great rate.  I was shocked to see that a certain ‘little green lizard’ company wanted nearly 3k a year to insure my scooter, even though I had two cars already insured with them.  when looking for bike insurance cheap, think little companies and you’ll often times find cheap insurance in New York.

Next thing to do when looking for cheap bike insurance is take the Motorcycle safety course at a certified motorcycle safety school.  There’s one in the Bronx and one on Long Island.  Taking, and passing, this course will get you an instant 10% reduction on your motorcycle insurance AND your car insurance.  Oh, and I should also say that passing this course also gives you your motorcycle license instantly too!  A great way to get your bike insurance cheap.

Finally, choose a low risk motorcycle.  I’ve linked below a book that lists high risk groups and what type of bike is associated with them.  We all know the newly licensed 20yr old on a sport bike is high risk, but did you know a 40 something on a powerful Harley is also high risk.  Get the book, read that section and carefully choose the right motorcycle.  Sometimes just a small difference in CC is enough to help you get your New York insurance cheap.

Here’s a great book that’ll not only improve your riding skills, but can help you get your bike insurance cheap.  Proficient Motorcycling

So, to summarize, shop around and don’t stop at the most well known motorcycle insurance companies.  Get some rider education under your belt and choose a low risk bike.  Follow these tips and you should find cheap insurance in New York.

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