Cheap Digital Camcorders – Find the best one for the money

A cheap digital camcorder by Coby that's surprisingly good

There are many cheap digital camcorders on the market today and it seems the selection is growing every day.  Finding the best cheap digital camcorders for the money takes a bit more than just grabbing the cheapest one you can find.  A camcorder needs to fulfill your basic needs; otherwise it’s just a waste of money.  Let’s go through the features you should look for when shopping for cheap digital camcorders.

One of the things most commonly skimped on when it comes to cheap digital camcorders is the on board memory.  Some of the cheapest have as little as one hour of on board recording time.  Once you fill the memory you’ll need to download it into your laptop or computer, this can be a hassle when you’re out for the day.  When looking at the features of cheap digital camcorders keep this in mind, some models can utilize memory expansion cards to increase their record time, as well as enabling you to swap them out on the go.  This will increase the overall cost though.

Another place often skimped on by manufacturers of cheap digital camcorders is the screen.  I suggest if you read digital camcorder reviews that you pay close attention to what users are saying about reading menus and overall ease of use.

Let’s talk about zoom.  This is a common feature on digital camcorders, even cheap ones.  There are two main types of zoom available.

  • Optical zoom uses the lens itself to zoom in, this is by far the best type since there will be no increase in grain as you zoom in.
  • Software or digital zoom uses; you guessed it, software to ‘magnify’ the image.  There will be more grain noticeable as you zoom in more.  Unfortunately cheap digital camcorders often feature software zoom, so, if this is something you really need go for one with optical zoom, you’ll be much happier with your purchase if you do.
A cheap digital camcorder needs to fit your needs perfectly

Cheap digital camcorders often include sparse software packages, usually nothing more than a video player for your computer and not much else.  If the software is important to you make sure you take this into consideration, either choose a different digital camcorder or perhaps consider a third party software solution.

When your ready to go out and find the best cheap digital camcorders I suggest reading camcorder reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  These digital camcorder reviews are often times written by actual users and can be a big help when looking for the best, cheap digital camcorders for the money.

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