Cheap Food Processor – Cheap doesn’t have to mean bad

This may be a cheap food processor by Hamilton Beach but it's actually highly rated and under $40!

This cheap food processor by Hamilton Beach is under $40 but still has great ratings

Buying a cheap food processor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a low quality one.  In fact, it is possible to find a cheap food processor that is quite good.  The key is to understand how you will use it and just as importantly what features are a must have and which ones you can live without.  Owning a food processor relieves you of many of the mundane, tedious food preparation tasks so read on and I’ll show you what features you should look for.

One of the key ways to find a cheap food processor is getting the smallest one possible while still being able to meet your needs.  If you only need to prepare food for one person a mini food processor in the 1-3 cup range is fine, but if you’ll need to prepare food for more people look for a food processor with 4 or more cup capacity.  Obviously you should also consider how you’d use it.  If you’ll just be preparing small amounts, say as ingredients in a recipe then the smaller one will suffice.

Consider the size of the feeding tube and be aware that the larger this is the easier it’ll be to add liquids or perhaps large vegetables.

When considering a cheap food processor be aware that one of the places that are often skimped on to reduce the price is the power level of the food processor.  A weaker motor will certainly cost less but will have a real hard time with tougher chopping jobs, especially if you overload the machine (possible if you went with a smaller unit).  Pay close attention to the power and choose according to what you think you’ll normally be chopping.  Dough can be real hard on the motor so if you’ll be making bread don’t skimp on this.

Another cheap food processor, this is by Black & Decker, 5 star rating on Amazon!

Another place often skimped on when a manufacturer wants to sell their food processor cheap is the included attachments.  Don’t be surprised if there are few (if any) attachments such as multiple cutting blades or a dough hook.  On the other hand if you don’t need these you can save some money here.

Avoid stainless steel finished food processors, in this way you’ll be able to find a cheap one.  Plastic is ok, but be aware it’s a bit more difficult to keep clean.

If possible look for one touch controls on the unit, a reverse feature would be nice to have, especially if you go for a lower power unit.  A bonus would be have the controls covered to prevent food from entering the unit.

If you own a dishwasher it might be a good idea to find a cheap food processor that is dishwasher safe.  If not, or to save even more, choose one that comes apart easily for cleaning.

To find the best, cheap food processor I recommend reading some food processor reviews on sites like Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and even on Amazon. Read what they say and consider what the pluses and negatives are.  It may be that even though a unit is rated only 2 stars the major problem with the unit is the lack of attachments, if this doesn’t matter to you then it may be the right choice.

Here’s a link to the highly rated Hamilton Beach 8 cup food processor.  It may be cheap (under $40) but it absolutely is a great food processor for the price, check it out.

Hamilton Beach 70450 8-Cup Food Processor


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