Cheap Motorcycle Boots – Cheap doesn’t have to mean bad

Cheap motorcycle boots can still offer great protection

Cheap motorcycle boots are out there in all styles and materials.  Don’t make the mistake of just grabbing the motorcycle boots at the cheapest price you can find, instead look at the features and value.  Cheap motorcycle boots are of no use to you if they don’t provide even the most basic protection, and, you’ll probably not even wear them if they are uncomfortable.  Read on to learn some of the features to look out for so when you finally do go out and get a pair of cheap motorcycle boots you’ll still be able to wear them proudly.

When shopping for motorcycle boots, even cheap ones you’ll need to understand what matters most to you.  Is it overall comfort, protection while riding, the look, or, just the price alone.  To help guide you I’ll describe several different types of motorcycle boots, in this way you’ll be able to narrow down your search for cheap motorcycle boots.

Standard boots are just that, standard.  These go over the ankle and are often reinforced.  They provide excellent protection from burns and exhaust heat.  These are also easily worn when not on the bike.  Make sure these are made of leather or other tough synthetic material for maximum protection.

Racing motorcycle boots are very difficult to walk in, but do provide superior protection and are usually heavily armored over impact areas.  These are NOT comfortable to wear in the summer heat.

Short motorcycle boots are short, they provide no protection from burns or exhaust and have the least overall armor.  They are however more comfortable in the summer and when just walking around.

Short boots offer less protection but are more comfortable to wear

Once you know the general style of motorcycle boots you want you need to focus on what’s most important to you.  If you want cheap motorcycle boots then more often than not you can’t have it all, you’ll have to sacrifice something.  Decide if protection, look or comfort is the most important to you.

If protection is on the top of your list then go for a boot made of leather with reinforcement on the major impact areas.  A reinforced ankle is desirable.

If comfort is the most important then look for a motorcycle boot that has ventilation areas, perhaps reinforced shift areas and a secure closing mechanism.  Waterproof or at least water resistant would be nice also.

If look is most important well then just grab the nicest looking pair.  The purpose of wearing motorcycle boots, even cheap ones is protection, not looking cool.

By concentrating on just the area that’s most important to you you’ll be able to find a pair of cheap motorcycle boots that is still quite good, albeit at one thing only.

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