How to Choose the Best Flip Motorcycle Helmet

flip motorcycle helmet

A good flip motorcycle helmet offers the best of both worlds

A good flip motorcycle helmet gives the rider the best of both worlds, falling between the full face helmet and the half, or shorty helmet, the flip motorcycle helmet allows the wearer to flip up the visor part to allow conversation, eating or drinking or even just to get some air.  Finding the right flip motorcycle helmet, however, takes a bit more effort than just getting the coolest looking one, or even the cheapest one.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the features you should consider when you’re in the market for a great flip motorcycle helmet.

When it comes to sizing and fit there are two important steps to do so as to get the best comfort and safety from a flip motorcycle helmet.

  • Make sure it fits comfortably.  Don’t just put it on for a moment or two in the store.  Put it on, strap it down and keep it on for about 10 minutes.  Just like a pair of shoes it’s not uncommon for a helmet to fit nice in the store and be unbearably painful after a half hour on the road.
  • Try to pull the helmet off.  Pull it side to side, from the back and from the front.  Make sure the visor is down.  Do not wear the visor up while riding since it makes it not only that much easier for it to come off during a crash, but also can give unwanted leverage if you hit the ground.  I’m not kidding here, pull it hard because a helmet that comes off easily is useless.

Note:  A medium flip motorcycle helmet made by one manufacturer may not necessarily be the same size for another, always try the helmet on.

Make sure whatever flip motorcycle helmet you’re considering is DOT approved.  Anything else isn’t worth wearing and is probably illegal to wear in your state.

Here are some other considerations you should be aware of when looking for a great flip motorcycle helmet.  None of these are ‘deal breakers’ but each adds additional comfort and functionality.

  • A good, easy to use D ring to secure the helmet.  Also, look for some way to secure the loose end of the strap, at high speed it’ll whip around and can be quite painful.
  • Removable liner.  This is a great feature since it’ll allow you to remove it and wash it once in a while.
  • If you wear glasses having eyeglass slots in the flip motorcycle helmet is a godsend.  Without them wearing glasses can be painful after a while.
  • Blue tooth compatibility.  With this you’ll be able to communicate with your passenger and other riders, as well as get nav updates from your blue tooth compatible GPS system.  Obviously you’ll have to buy the electronics but it’ll be easier to attach.
  • Flip down sun visor.  Many new flip helmet styles now feature flip down sun visor.  With one hand you can flip it down if the sun gets in your eyes.
  • Absolutely look for good vents.  Venting is necessary in the summer and can also help cut down on fogging.
  • Easily removable visor.  This is good if you don’t have a flip down sun visor.  It’ll allow you to easily put in a darker visor when the glare is bad.

After considering all the physical safety features let’s look at color.  There are many who would argue that visibility is just as important to rider safety as the equipment is, and I agree.  Although black is popular the best colors to get are white, yellow or orange.  If you simply must have a dark color than at least put some reflective stickers on it.

In the end I recommend you read some motorcycle helmet reviews too.  These motorcycle helmet reviews can clue you in to some of the issues other riders may have with a particular flip motorcycle helmet style.

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