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Top quality cigar humidor humidifiers control temperature and humidity perfectly

A true cigar aficionado knows that using cigar humidor humidifiers are the best way to keep a cigar fresh, in fact, using cigar humidor humidifiers help improve a cigars taste as it ages.  There are many cigar humidors on the market today, and essentially they all work the same, they keep the temperature and humidity at the proper levels to preserve, and enhance the cigar.  Knowing what to look for is essential when shopping for cigar humidor humidifiers since there are some out there, especially the cheap ones that can actually hurt your precious cigars.  Let’s look at some of the key features in both construction and function that you should be aware of when shopping for a great cigar humidor.

How do cigar humidor humidifiers work?

Good question.  A cigar humidor works by keeping the internal temperature at 65 – 70 degrees and the humidity at about 70%.  Cigars maintained at the temperature and humidity level burn more evenly and have better flavor.  If the cigar is stored in too dry of an environment it’ll burn too quickly and have a bitter flavor.  If the environment is too wet it’ll burn unevenly and have an taste acidic.  Even worse, too much humidity and the cigars can rot, mold and even become infested by worms!  As you can see, proper storage is a must and finding good quality cigar humidor humidifiers is important.

A good top quality cigar humidor will maintain this temperature and humidity level no matter where it’s stored and what the outside humidity level is.

I should also point out that one of the side benefits of owning a cigar humidor is mixing different cigars to allow them to take on some of the flavor and aroma qualities of each other.  A true aficionado will mix different cigars and create a new, personalized cigar in this way.

In order to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity levels the cigar humidor needs to be made right.  Let’s look at some of the materials you’ll encounter when shopping for cigar humidor humidifiers.

What kind of interior lining should cigar humidor humidifiers have?

cigar humidor

The best cigar humidors have a dried Spanish Cedar lining

There are three main materials you’ll find when shopping for a good cigar humidor.  From best to worst here they are.

  • Spanish Cedar.  By far the best and costliest material, but this will protect against worms and will maintain humidity levels quite well.  Another benefit is this will impart great flavor to the cigars over time.
  • American Cedar.  This costs a bit less but still holds humidity well.  This will also protect against worms but unfortunately will give a generally undesirable flavor over time.
  • Honduran Mohogany.  This is the cheapest lining material you’ll find.  It looks nice but is actually not a very good choice for humidity maintenance.  Provides little protection against worms.  I’d avoid this material.

In addition, no matter what material you ultimately choose for your cigar humidor it’s vitally important that the wood is dried and unfinished.  If the wood is not fully dried it will secrete resins over time that will impart an off taste to your cigars.

Cigar humidor humidifiers with a dried, unfinished Spanish Cedar lining are by far the best.

Cigar humidor humidifiers – what should the case be made of?

Actually it really doesn’t matter, it’s mostly personal choice here.  As long as the lining is quality the outside doesn’t matter.  Go for something that looks good.  The lid on the other hand is a different story, let’s look at that.

In order to maintain proper temperature and humidity it’s vitally important that the lid closes securely and airtight.  If air can get in it’ll be really hard for the cigar humidor to keep the proper storage levels and your cigars will suffer for that.  Some lids have a glass window.  I don’t recommend that since it’ll allow light and heat to get in.  Unless you really like to display your cigars try to avoid this.  Seriously top quality cigar humidor humidifiers can get away with this since they’ll be able to maintain storage levels well.

What humidity agent should good cigar humidor humidifiers have?

You’ll find a few different humidity agents out there but the best by far is the acryl polymer agent.  I won’t even bother talking about others.  The acryl polymer humidifier agents is the best and doesn’t even cost more than the others so the choice is easy here.  In fact, this type requires less maintenance, less filling and will even stabilize the cigar humidor at the proper humidity levels far quicker than any other type of humidity agent.

Let’s summarize what you should look for when shopping for cigar humidor humidifiers

First off there’s the lining, Dried unfinished Spanish Cedar is the clear choice here.  Next up look at the outside, is it attractive?  The lid should be solid and air tight.  And finally the humidity agent should be an acryl polymer type.

Here’s a few cigar humidors that are top notch, at a great price.
The Capri 25-50 Cigar Humidor
Quality Importers Desktop Humidor
San Souci Display 120 Cigar Humidor

So you see, finding the best cigar humidor humidifiers is quite easy when you know what features to look for.  If you still need help I suggest you read some cigar humidor reviews on sites like Consumer Search or even on Amazon since they list reviews by actual users.

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