Cold Sore Help – Healing a cold sore quickly

Looks like she needs some cold sore help!

Follow the guide below if you need cold sore help.  As we all know a cold sore outbreak, if not properly treated can take days, even weeks to go away.  A cold sore outbreak can occur for many reasons, stress, hormones, cold weather, greasy foods and even a simple cold.  The herpes virus type 1 causes a cold sore; the type 2 variety is what causes genital herpes so don’t be alarmed.  Follow the guide below for cold sore help, it’ll give you the steps necessary to not only contain a cold sore outbreak but also cure a cold sore quickly.

Cold Sore Help – Steps to Healing a Cold Sore Quickly

First off make sure you avoid touching the cold sore area, I know it’s hard, so if you just can help it use a washcloth with hot water and soap.  If you just go ahead and scratch it or play with it you run the real risk of spreading it around your face.

While we’re on the subject make sure you wash your face and hands often with anti-bacterial soap and hot water.  One of the most important things I have to stress when it comes to cold sore help is stopping the spread of the outbreak.

Get some ointment with L-Lysine in it and use it to cover the cold sore area.  When applying it make sure you go from the outside in so as not to spread the virus around your face.  Put the cream on thick and don’t be shy about it.  L-lysine is your best friend when it comes to cold sore help.

Get some L-lysine tablets and take one every few hours and before you go to bed.  There are some people that swear that this one thing helps end an outbreak in just a few days.

In the end the best cold sore help is to understand what causes them in the first place.  If you always get a cold sore outbreak after eating greasy foods then you need to prepare for this.  Take a L-lysine pill just to make sure, in this way you can start healing your cold sores even before you actually see them.

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