Cold Sore Remedy at Home – Cure a Cold Sore at Home

If you have a cold sore and need a cold sore remedy at home you’re in luck as I’ve listed some easy to do steps that will help you cure a cold sore at home.  The key to using a cold sore remedy at home is time, the quicker you start the sooner the cold sore will be gone.  We all know that a cold sore outbreak can be caused by many things, such as stress, hormones, cold weather, greasy food and illness.  Now let’s look at some things you can use as a cold sore remedy at home.

At the first sign of an outbreak it’s vitally important to not touch the cold sore.  If you just can’t resist then at least use a wash cloth with hot, soapy water.  If you scratch it I guarantee you’ll spread the virus all around your face and I guarantee you don’t want that to happen.

One of the most effective tools to use for a cold sore remedy at home is Lysine.  This is virtually a wonder drug when you want to cure a cold sore at home.  Get a lysine based ointment and apply it to the cold sore.  Again, to avoid spreading the virus start at the edges and work inward.  This isn’t a race so take your time here.

In addition, a great thing to get is Lysine tablets.  Take one every few hours and before bed as well.  Obviously read the directions on the package since dosages vary between different brands.

I also suggest, if you’re experiencing a cold sore outbreak that you wash your face and hands with anti-bacterial soap often.  Again, the goal here is to not spread the virus around.

And finally, you’ll need to keep a log to try and figure out what caused the cold sore outbreak in the first place.  I know this sounds stupid but moving forward if you’re subjected to any of the trigger events you can pop a Lysine pill and do a little preventive medicine to prevent the outbreak in the first place.

So there you have it, when it comes to an effective cold sore remedy at home it’s vitally important to have the proper tools; lysine ointment and pills, as well as starting treatment as soon as an outbreak starts, if not before.

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