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College financial aid information can be confusing

If you want to go to college but need information about financial aid first then read on, I’ll show you some of the more unusual places where you can find free college financial aid, usually by doing nothing more than filling out a simple form.  College financial aid information is a necessary part of the higher education process; in fact, it can sometimes be impossible to attend college without some form of financial aid.  Don’t consider your search for free college financial aid over until you search everywhere for college financial aid information.

First off, if you work full time make sure you check with your employer.  Many companies these days offer some kind of free college financial aid, usually in the form of tuition reimbursement.

A great place to check for free college financial aid is from the federal government.  To get more college financial aid information and apply, head over to and fill out the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA).  Your application will be reviewed and then you’ll be able to apply for free, usually for financial aid packages like the Perkins loan, Stafford load and PLUS loan, not to mention various other programs such as federal scholarships and grants.

After filling out the federal forms I suggest you head over to the College Board website.  These guys are responsible for the SAT test so you know they’re trustworthy.  When it comes to college financial aid information this place is the mother load, they list over 2000 sources for free college financial aid on their website.

And finally check with the college you’re planning on attending.  They’ll most certainly also have tons of college financial aid information as well as their own sources for free college financial aid.

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