Common Sense Tips to Prevent the Flu

sick personThese days, with all sorts of nasty flu strains going around it’s more important than ever to practice some common sense ways to prevent the flu.  Generally speaking the basic flu isn’t that dangerous to healthy people, but the swine and bird flu strains are.  These strains are extremely contagious and can be spread by hands, the mouth, eye or fluids. Here’s some simple steps you can take to help you prevent the flu, as well as other nasty colds and viruses.

  • Make sure you wash your hands often throughout the day, especially after contact with doorknobs, stair railings and public bathroom surfaces.  It has been proven over and over again that simply washing your hands often is the number on flu prevention technique.
  • Use a hand sanitizer creme (available at any drugstore) often,  especially if you are unable to wash your hands at the moment.  Don’t hesitate to carry a travel size one with you to use on the go.
  • If you ride mass transit wear gloves (it’s cold out anyway) and avoid getting near people with an obvious illness.
  • To be safe you should treat all public areas, like bathrooms handrails and the like as if they ARE contaminated and act accordingly.
  • Door knobs are notorious for being germ infested, wash your hands or sanitize after using one.

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