Countertop Pizza Oven – How to Buy the Best Countertop Pizza Oven

countertop pizza oven

This countertop pizza oven by Proctor Silex is just about the best one

Finding the best countertop pizza oven takes a little more effort than just getting the cheapest one out there, it takes knowing what the features are and deciding what features you need, and which ones you don’t.  In case you didn’t realize this, most countertop pizza ovens are nothing more than over sized toaster ovens.  Once you realize this finding the best one is much easier to do.  In this article I’m going to go over the features you’ll find on a countertop pizza oven and then I’ll link a few of the best examples available.

What features should I look for when buying a countertop pizza oven

The best way to decide which pizza oven to get is to compare the units as you would a normal toaster oven, making note of where the ‘pizza’ part makes a different.

  • Without a doubt the pizza oven needs to be able to hit some high temperatures, at a minimum you want to get to 450 degrees to make your pizza nice and crispy.  Look for a temperature setting of at least this amount or the availability of a ‘broil’ function.
  • Although I would usually recommend stainless steel for the chassis since the pizza oven will normally be used at higher than normal temperatures I’ll recommend plastic to keep the outside temperature safer, it’ll still be very hot, but will cool much quicker.
  • One of the best things about owning a toaster oven, or pizza oven in this case is the ability to use it instead of your full size oven for day to day cooking.  Look for a good temperature range selection as well as timer functions.  A ‘keep warm’ setting is great to have as well.
  • Since any oven, including a pizza oven will get dirty I like to look for a self cleaning feature.
  • Look for an easy to remove crumb tray.
  • If you’re kids will be using the countertop pizza oven make sure there is an auto off function.  Kids are notorious for leaving things on.
  • To make pizza you’ll want a countertop pizza oven that has at least a 12 inch depth.  While your at it look for some trays specifically made for this larger size.
  • To save space make sure there actually is a ‘toast’ setting, this unit takes up a good amount of space so using this as your toaster makes sense.

More professional models of countertop pizza ovens will have a real pizza stone inside, these models are also made of stainless steel for easy cleaning.  I honestly can’t recommend a unit like this unless you’ll be making quite a few pizzas every week.

Let’s take a look at some highly rated and good quality countertop pizza ovens.  After looking at their features I’m sure you’ll agree these fit the bill perfectly.  One note, the Pizzazz oven while highly rated is not one I’d recommend to unsupervised kids because of the exposed heating element, it is, however, highly rated.

Proctor-Silex 31120 Pizza Oven
Presto 03430 Pizzazz Pizza Oven
Cuisinart PIZ-100 Stainless-Steel Electric 12-Inch Pizza Oven

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