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cute baby car seat cover

Dora is one cute baby car seat cover!

Anyone who has a child can tell you that keeping anything clean is next to impossible.  If you own a baby car seat, and you should, it’s simply a good idea to uses baby car seat protectors, and while your at it, why not take a look at some cute baby car seat covers.  There’s no law out there that says you should cover your baby car seat with a boring, drab car seat protector so as long as it’s functional it might as well be as cute as your child too.  First I’ll take a look at some of the features you should consider in terms of construction and functionality and then I’ll link some good quality, highly rated cute baby car seat covers for you to look at.

Cute baby car seat covers – What features should they have?

A baby car seat cover doesn’t have to be a simple fabric or vinyl cover.  You can find good baby car seat covers that are functional as well.

First off, in terms of safety choose a baby car seat protector that is LATCH compatible, if you’re not sure just check your baby car seat, it should say somewhere that it’s a LATCH baby car seat.  Just about every child car seat made today in the USA is LATCH compatible so make sure the car seat protector can take advantage of this, otherwise you may have difficulty attaching it and the straps.

Considering how the baby car seat cover will be used I would make sure that it is well made and highly rated.  Graco car seat covers are top notch in this respect.  I would also opt for vinyl or some other material that will repel liquid.  If you opt for a soft fabric it’s still possible for it to be water resistant, make sure it’s machine washable though.  You might want to consider owning two baby car seat protectors, one for cold weather and one for warm.  I prefer using the fabric one during the winter for extra warmth.

A few baby car seat covers offer pockets on the front, this is a very nice feature to have especially if you have lots of stuff to carry around all the time.

A look at some cute baby car seat covers

I’ve linked here a few cute baby car seats, they’re all on Amazon and will guide you towards quite a few different cute baby car seats.

Dora the Explorer Car Seat Cover
Elmo Car Seat Cover
Baby Car Seat Cover – Joey Giraffe Lime Baby Car Seat Cove

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