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Finding the best discount watches online doesn't mean they have to be cheap

Finding discount watches online is easy, finding the best discount watches online takes a bit more effort though.  Armed with some basic information it’s quite easy to find discount watches online that are also high quality and a joy to own.  If you set out to buy a watch online at a discount price and don’t know what you’re looking for it’s quite easy to end up with a watch that won’t be worth owning.  Let’s take a look at some of the features you should be aware of and then I’ll show you a great resource to get high quality discount watches online.

First off you’ll need to decide right up front what type of watch you want.  By this I mean a dress watch, work watch, diving watch, exercise watch etc..  Knowing what type you want will allow you to narrow down the field and focus on those features that are most important.

I should also point out that’s it not unusual for a person to own multiple watches.  In fact I recommend it.  Buying a watch to be a ‘jack of all trades’ will usually result in it breaking or getting banged up so much as to be unwearable in the ‘dress’ mode.  When searching for discount watches online try to avoid getting one watch for all situations, instead concentrate on one type of watch and, if necessary, get another one at a later date.

Decide on the type of movement you want when buying discount watches online

There are three main types of movements available when shopping for a watch.  Each, has it’s own unique use and price point.  I’ll go over these as well as suggest the appropriate use for it.

  • First off there’s the quartz movement.  This type uses a tiny vibrating crystal to keep time.  These are very accurate and usually medium cost.  These are good as a casual watch but not usually when there’s physical labor involved..
  • Next is the mechanical movement.  This is the classic movement when it comes to watches.  These are usually the most expensive and keep good time.  These are usually found in dress watches where part of the mechanism is visible through the face of the watch.  I must say that these just look and feel great.
  • Finally there’s the digital watch.  These are by far the cheapest but usually offer the most functions.  These are good for casual wear, especially work or exercise situations.  I should point out that a digital watch, no matter how nice it looks just isn’t appropriate for the office or dressy situations.

Deciding on the movement you want is a big part of finding the right discount watches online.  Decide on the type first, then the movement you want before moving on.

What types of crystal are available when I’m shopping for discount watches online?

Once again there are three main types available, they vary in price and protective qualities so choose wisely here.

  • First there’s the plexiglass crystal, this is by far the absolute cheapest crystal available.  It scratches very easily but it’s nearly impossible to shatter.  This is exactly the crystal you want when buying a work watch.
  • The mineral crystal is next, it’s a bit more expensive but it’s more difficult to scratch.  On the downside it’s more resistant to scratching.  This is good for a low end dress watch or casual watch.
  • And finally there’s the synthetic saphire crystal.  This is the most expensive but it’s nearly impossible to scratch.  It is easy to shatter though so I recommend this type for the dressiest of dress watches.

What kind of band should I look for when shopping for discount watches online?

Just like the movement and crystal there are many types varying widely in price.  The deciding factor will be how and where it’s going to be used.  Let’s take a look at a few of these and what you should consider.

discount watches online mens watch

Buying discount watches online is easier when you know what to look for

A leather strap looks nice, as long as it’s maintained, just like any leather product it should be conditioned at least once a year.  There is usually an issue with sweat in warmer weather.  I personally don’t like these just for this reason.  This is the classic strap for dress watches.

Next are metal bands.  These look nice but aren’t really considered that dressy, this type is best for casual but not work wear.  There’s sometimes and issue with guys where the band will pull hair on the wrist so keep this in mind.

Watch bands made of rubber are also available.  These are usually for specialized watches such as workout or diving watches since they are waterproof and also scratch resistance.

Cloth bands, these are the cheapest but also the most comfortable to wear.  These are inappropriate for dress watches buy might suffice for casual, designer type styles.

Some other considerations when looking for discount watches online

Here are some other things you’ll encounter.  I don’t consider any of these features necessary but they are nice to have at times.

  • Illuminated face.  Unless you find yourself in pitch black darkness all the time I don’t usually let this feature influence my purchase decision.  Most watches do have glow in the dark hands anyway.  This feature is more common on digital watches.
  • Additional functions such as alarm, timer, calendar etc..  Again, nice to have but not necessary.  In the age of smart phones none of these are a deal breaker for me if they’re not on the watch I like.
  • Waterproof or water resistant.  There’s a difference; waterproof means you can take the watch underwater to it’s stated depth without harming it.  This is obviously for diving watches.  Water resistant on the other hand means you can get the watch wet without harming it.

When it comes to finding the best source for discount watches online I recommend Mr Watch (the link is below).  They have a ridiculous selection and very competitive prices.  I believe you’ll be happy shopping there.
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