DIY Home Security System – It’s fast, easy and inexpensive

Prevent this with a DIY home security system

You can install a DIY home security system quickly, easily and best of all quite inexpensively.  The important thing to know about installing a DIY home security system is that the most critical part is deterrence.   It has long been known that visual deterrence is by far the most important part of any home security system.  We’ll go through setting this up, what important things to look out for and finally what components are needed to setup an effective DIY home security system.

DIY home security system – The visual deterrence factors

There are several products you can use to create a simple, inexpensive yet highly effective visual deterrence.  Let’s look at these items.

Signs like this are a crucial part of a DIY home security system

Alarm system signs:  These can be purchased online at places like Amazon.  Simply place them in your front yard, maybe in your backyard too.  In addition, there are alarm stickers that you can place on your windows.  For under $15 you can create a highly effective visual deterrence.

Motion detecting lights:  If you already have outside lighting then you can purchase modules that screw directly into the light socket.  Your lights will then automatically turn on when motion is detected.  This is a fantastic way to prevent break ins at night.

Fake security cameras:  No thief is going to stand around inspecting your cameras to see if they’re real or not.  Installing fake cameras is easy to do, costs very little and creates the ultimate deterrent.

Clear clutter around basement windows and side windows:  This isn’t really a product per se, but increasing visibility around basement windows and any other potential entrance crates more deterrent.

DIY home security systems – The actual alarm part of the system

Wireless alarms like these are easy to setup

The only real alarm items that need to be installed are simple door and window alarms.  These simple, inexpensive devices have two parts, one goes on the door frame, or window frame, the other on the door or window itself.  As long as the two parts are next to each other (in the closed position)  the switch remains off.  If there is movement the switch closes and an alarm goes off.

These simple devices are wireless and can be had for about $40 for a set.  When it comes to a DIY home security system these simple devices are the final part of the system.  When that alarm goes off any thief will run.

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