DIY Security Sytems – They’re easy, cheap and VERY effective

diy security systems wireless alarm

These wireless alarms are crucial to DIY security systems

DIY security systems are easy to install and remarkably cheap. In just the last few years wireless cameras and window/door alarms have become not only easily available but quite inexpensive too. The key to installing DIY security systems is to create an effective visual deterrence. Follow the guide below to learn all about installing DIY security systems for your home.

Installing your own DIY security systems consists of two parts; creating the visual deterrence and then installing the actual window/door alarms.

In creating the visual deterrence we’ll rely on three things; signs indicating an alarm system is installed, fake cameras to add to the ‘illusion’ and finally clearing clutter and other blind zones around potential entrances.

Note: I’ve linked all the items listed here at the end of the article.

First off place signs on your front yard, back yard and on your windows and doors. There quite cheap and to be honest this alone would make many a potential burglar pass your house by.

diy security systems alarm signage

These alarm signs create great visual deterrence

Next, get some fake security cameras, preferable with blinking lights that you can place pointing at potential entrances to your home. You can, of course, get real wireless security cameras if you want but I feel this really isn’t necessary as no thief is going to sit there inspecting your cameras. These aren’t tech savy people you know.

And finally, make sure you clear any clutter away from potential entrances. If the burglar can’t be seen by the side window he can take his sweet time breaking in, and do it in the daytime too.

Next up you’ll want to get a wireless security kit, these go for about $40 and allow you to alarm 5 entrances. They are quite simple, just stick one part on the door or window and the other on the frame. If the door/window opens the switch closes, the alarm goes off, and the thief runs. If you like to keep your windows open during the summer you can purchase an addition frame part and place it about 6 inches up so you can keep the window open a few inches without setting off the alarm.

You see, setting up your own DIY security systems is quite easy, cheap and effective. The key is making the burglar think your house is too risky and make him hit your neighbor instead.

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