Don’t get Ripped of when Renting a Car – Read the car rental agreement

car rental agreement

Follow these car rental tips and save some cash

The car rental agreement, how many of us actually read this thing.  The fact is most people don’t, and not doing so can cost you quite a bit of money.  Here are some car rental tips that can, and often will save you some cash on your next car rental.  Now, the things here aren’t scams or illegal, they’re just the car rental company charging exactly what they say they will in the car rental agreement.  Let’s go over some of the things you’ll find in the car rental agreement and how you can get charged extra.

First off, before driving off the lot take note of the fuel level, if it’s not on F (full) then have the attendant note this on your car rental agreement.  Also, make sure the tank is full when you return the vehicle.  Most, if not all car rental places will charge you not only for the missing gas, but an additional fee as well.  If you follow only one of these car rental tips make sure it’s this one because it’s the most common way to get hit with more fees.

Next, when picking up the rental car make sure you show up and actually get the car when you agreed to.  You’ll get hit with a no-show fee if you don’t show up when you said you would.  If you’re plans change or you’re running late make sure you call the car rental place as soon as possible to let them know.

Some less than honest car rental places will try to get you to buy additional car insurance by making the claim that it’s the law in whatever state you happen to be in.  The fact of the matter is you aren’t, it’s a lie.  You are NOT, by law, required to buy additional insurance even if you’re under 21.

Take heed of all these car rental tips and you just may be able to avoid being charged extra on your next car rental.

And finally I’d like to point out that most of the large car rental places are respectable honest businesses, but, with the economy the way it is they still want to make as much money off of you as possible so make sure you read the car rental agreement carefully.

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