Electric Air Bed – How to Choose the Best Electric Air Bed for the Money

electric air bed

The Wenzel electric air bed is one of the best

If you’re in the market for a new electric air bed, whether to use for guests or even for long term or daily use it’s important to know the differences between the different models out there and what features to look for.  A good air bed can be very comfortable and last quite a long time, the wrong one, well, you just may not want to use it again after just one night.  There are many different companies making electric air beds so finding the right one might be a bit difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.  In this article I’ll go over some of the different features you’ll find on today’s electric air beds and finally link a few of the best examples of top quality air beds available on the market today.

First off, when trying to decide on what air bed to get you’ll need to decide what size to get.  Bigger isn’t always better since a larger air bed, such as queen or even king size can be quite heavy and difficult to store.  Decide if you’ll need to accommodate one person or two and choose appropriately.

Next, and this is vitally important, every air mattress has a weight rating, which is simply how much weight they can hold without tearing or even popping.  Once again, visualize who’s most likely to sleep on the electric air bed and choose a bit more than this weight.

Since we’re looking at electric air beds we need to consider the pump.  Is it permanently attached or does it come off after the bed is inflated.  This may be a consideration if children are involved because they love to play with things.  Also, any air bed, no matter how good will pop if grossly overinflated.  A good electric air bed will have an over inflation valve to prevent this.

When looking at air mattresses you’ll see what’s known as raised air beds or high rise in addition to normal ones.  A raised air bed has a lower part that inflates to give the air bed the height of a normal bed.  You should consider a style like this if you may have older guests or other people who might have difficulty getting in and out of a normal height air bed.

What are some additional features I should look for in a top quality electric air bed?

best air bed

As usual Aerobed makes some of the best air beds out there

Most of these features have to do with ease of use and comfort so although none of these are absolutely necessary they are indeed nice to have especially if you’ll be using the electric air bed on a regular basis.

  • Internal air tubes or coils.  These act like springs, but don’t actually feel like them.  They provide support and in general make the air bed much more comfortable.
  • Fully adjustable inflation level.  The pump should not only allow you to inflate the bed, but let some air out as well to adjust the firmness.
  • For the ultimate in comfort you should look for a pillow top.  This is simply a soft, pillow like covering over the entire air mattress.  Once again this will not only add to the comfort level but also prevent perspiration.  Sleeping on vinyl is NOT comfortable at all.
  • To prevent slipping there should be some form on non-stick covering on the bottom.  Any air bed, especially twin size can slip around especially if there are kids around.
  • There should be some type of storage bag, after all any puncture, even a small one will render the air bed unusable.
  • And finally, if you decide to go with a raised air bed then make sure there is some form of indentation running along the side that mimics a real mattress.  Fitted sheets are designed to go into this indentation.  Without it the sheets won’t stay put which is simply annoying.

Now that you know what to look for and some of the features involved here are some top rated electric air beds.  I’m sure once you look at the features you’ll clearly see why these are some of the best air beds available.

Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump
Aerobed One Touch Comfort Elevated Twin Size Raised Airbed – Green/ White
Easy Riser Grey Full Size High Rise PillowTop Air Bed with Remote Control
Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom with Built-in Pump

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