Electric Coffee Grinders – How to Find the Best Coffee Grinder

A great burr style electric coffee grinderElectric coffee grinders are an important part of making a great cup of coffee at home, but sadly, the most overlooked.  Many of us now go out of our way to find the best pre-ground coffee to make a great cup of coffee.  Unfortunately pre-ground coffee begins to lose it’s flavor the moment it’s ground, the best way to go is to grind your own coffee with an electric coffee grinder.  Grinding your own coffee moments before brewing is the absolute best way to make a great cup of coffee.  Read on to learn what features you should look for when you’re in the market for the best home electric coffee grinder.

There are two main types of home electric coffee grinders.

Different types of coffee machines require a different size grind to get the best results from both the machine and your coffee beans.  If you go out of your way to get great beans then unless you grind them to the correct size you’ll never realize the full taste those beans have to offer.  Lets look at the main difference between the two types of electric coffee grinders.

  • The blade grinder uses a simple spinning blade (like a blender) to chop the beans into smaller pieces.  This is by far the cheapest type of electric coffee grinder.  Unfortunately this is also the worst type since you have little to no control over the size of the grind.
  • The burr coffee grinder uses two discs (sometimes cones) set at an adjustable distance.  The coffee beans are fed between these discs and is ground to an exact size.  This type of electric coffee grinder is more expensive, but is a far superior type to use.

Once you decide on the type of electric coffee grinder you want you’ll next need to consider the power rating.  They generally run from about 150 to 300 watts or so.  The only real consideration here is the amount of coffee you’ll need to grind at one time.  A weak grinder that is overloaded can (and often will) burn out so keep this in mind.

blade electric coffee grinderAnd, like above, if you’ll grind large amounts of coffee at once don’t overlook the hopper size.  Some of the larger ones can hold upwards of a 1/4 pound of coffee at one time.

Some of the best home electric coffee grinders include a coffee storage canister.  Although it may be nice to have a clear one so you can look at your wonderful newly ground coffee it’s best to have a dark cannister that’s airtight to preserve the flavor.

Here’s a great home electric coffee grinder that’s available on Amazon.

When you’re ready to buy a new electric coffee grinder make sure to check out electric coffee grinder reviews from sites such as ConsumerSearch, ConsumerReports and even on Amazon.  These sites offer honest home coffee grinder reviews from real people that will help you find the best electric coffee grinder.

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