Electric Food Processors – How to Find the Best one

Tons of attachments and lots of power make this Cuisinart one of the best electric food processors out there

Electric food processors are a staple in the well-equipped kitchen.  It’s quite versatile and simplifies many of the tedious food preparation tasks.  It’s safe to say that electric food processors aren’t a luxury, but a necessity if you’re serious about food preparation.  Finding the best one however can be a difficult task especially if you don’t really know what features to look for.  Let’s take a closer look at the common features found on today’s electric food processors

When looking at electric food processors it will quickly become apparent that there are many sizes available.  Bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially if your storage is at a premium.  Find a size that’s appropriate for what you’ll be using it for. Generally speaking 1-2 cup size is good for one person while 4 or more cup capacity is great for 2 or more people.

Look for a well thought out feeding tube area, you really want the largest you can find to make adding food that much easier.  A small tube can really be annoying if you need to pour in liquid or adding large vegetables.

Consider the power rating, the best electric food processors will be quite powerful and able to handle just about anything you can throw at it.  Weaker machines will have a real problem and you could in fact burn out the motor.  Think about what you’ll normally be chopping and use that as a guide, but generally speaking the more power the better.

Look at the included attachments, is there a dough hook and multiple size cutting blades?  The best electric food processors will be well equipped with many different attachments.

This KitchenAid has some great food processor reviews on Amazon

Check out the finish of the unit, the best electric food processors are often times finished in stainless steel.  Not only does this look good but also it’s very easy to keep clean.  Avoid plastic finish if possible since these stain easily.  Stainless steel is also tougher and protects the unit from damage too.

The best electric food processors have one-touch controls that are covered to prevent food from entering the unit.  Also look for a reverse feature; this is great to have for tough jobs. Dishwasher safe is a nice feature to have if you own a dishwasher, if you don’t then it doesn’t matter at all.  Instead look for a unit that comes apart easily for cleaning.  Remember even just one speck of food left inside can spread germs and bacteria to the next thing you chop in the unit. The best electric food processors will be easy to clean.

And finally, armed with the above information I suggest your next step to be to read some food processor reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  These food processor reviews are often times written by actual consumers just like yourself and can be a big help in finding the best electric food processors for your money.

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