Electric Steam Irons – How to Find the Best Electric Steam Irons

This Black & Decker is one of the best electric steam irons out there

Electric steam irons are a staple in just about every home, and for good reason, few of us can live without them.  Shopping for electric steam irons can be difficult though since sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between $10 electric steam irons and $80 electric steam irons.  You may believe that the more expensive ones are always the best electric steam irons but the fact is this isn’t always the case.  Let’s look at some of the more common features found on electric steam irons and what they mean to you.

One of the first things you’ll notice when shopping for electric steam irons is the wattage.  What does this really mean in real life?  Well, simply this is a good measure of how long the iron will take to get to operating temperature.  The lower the wattage, the longer it’ll take.  As a general rule the best electric steam irons will be in the 1200-watt range.

The best electric steam irons will have an accurate temperature control, electronic or digital are the most accurate.  Poor temperature control can result in you burning delicate fabric so look for electric steam irons that excel in this if you often iron delicates.

Auto Cleaning:  Although this feature is now standard on most electric steam irons you’ll want to make sure it’s mentioned.  If it isn’t then it’s probably not an auto-cleaning steam iron.

Auto off:  Again, this is pretty much standard on electric steam irons today, but make sure this is listed somewhere.  The best electric steam irons will have multiple auto-off triggers, both time and motion (in case it gets knocked over)

Read steam iron reviews to help you choose the best one

Check the construction and finish.  The best electric steam irons are made of stainless steel, not just because they look better but they are also easier to keep clean and far more durable if they get dropped (and who hasn’t dropped their iron before)

There are some electric steam irons out there that are cordless.  This may appeal to you if you have pets or children since they may snag the cord and knock over the steam iron, a very dangerous situation.  Note:  Some cordless steam irons have less power output than normal.  By doing this they have longer operating times between charges, be aware of this.

Make sure that the water level is clearly visible and that the tank capacity is about 6 ounces.  There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for the steam iron to heat up only to discover there’s no water in it.

Precision tip:  I find this most important when ironing shirts.  The best electric steam irons will have a precision tip with plenty of steam jets.  If the steam iron you’re interested in has this it’ll most certainly be advertised plainly since cheaper irons lack this feature.

And finally the best electric steam irons will not only have multiple steam settings but a stainless steel sole plate or other non-stick sole plate, usually titanium.

When you’re ready to buy an electric steam iron I suggest reading steam iron reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  Actual consumers like you write these steam iron reviews.  Armed with the above information and reading these reviews should give you all the information you need to choose the best electric steam iron for the money.

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