Electronic Body Fat Scale – How Does an Electronic Body Fat Scale Work?

escali electronic body fat scale

The Escali electronic body fat scale is one of the best ones available

The electronic body fat scale is one of the newest tools available in the war against flab.  Millions of people every day step on their electronic body fat scale and see if their body fat percentage is going up, or going down.  Armed with this information the savy dieter can adjust their workout routine and diet to control their fat loss.  Unfortunately so many people just have no clue as to how these digital body fat scales work, and as a result usually end up with wide variations in their body fat readings.  First I’ll go over exactly how an electric body fat scale works, then I’ll show you how to use one correctly to get the most consistent and accurate body fat reading possible.

How does an electric body fat scale work?

Good question, the answer is simple, a digital body fat scale does NOT, in fact measure your fat, it measures the electrical resistance of your body.  The electronic body fat scale measures this resistance and gives a body fat reading based on an internal program, modified by your height, weight, age and sex.

Now, to get into more detail here, the body fat scale sends a tiny electrical charge up one foot, and measures how much of it returns down the other foot.  The principle here is that the electricity travels differently through the fat cells (well, really the water around them) then it does through bone and muscle.  So, the more fat you have, the more water there is and thus there will be less resistance and a higher reading.

Armed with this information I’ll show you some ways to get an accurate and consistent reading every time.

Increase the accuracy of your body fat scale with these tips

Since the whole idea behind measuring body fat with an electronic scale is based on electrical resistance it’s vitally important to follow these tips to get an accurate reading.

  1. Use the digital body fat scale at the same time every day.  The results can vary depending on your hydration level so first thing in the morning is the best time, after going to the bathroom.  Ladies this is seriously vital for you.
  2. Next attempt to position your feet in exactly the same spot every time you take a measurement.  I even suggest using a marker to mark where your toes should go.
  3. Do not eat anything at all before taking a reading as this will change your hydration level.  Obviously don’t drink water, alcohol or coffee either.
  4. Make sure the pads on the electronic body fat scale are absolutely clean, also make sure your feet are dry.
  5. Don’t workout or otherwise exercise before taking a reading as the perspiration will skew the readings.

Now, armed with these tips and knowing how electronic body fat scales work you should be able to get good solid and consistent readings every time.  Be aware that you just might have to experiment the first few times you use one concerning body position since they sometimes give different readings depending on where your weight is heavier (toes or heel).  Once you get the hang of it you’ll be fine, just do it the same way each time.

I would also suggest getting a digital body fat scale that is good quality and is highly rated.  I’ve linked one below.

Escali High-Capacity Bathroom Scale with Body Fat/Body Water Monitoring (440lb / 200kg)

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