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1)       The agreement. FeaturedContentOnline (www.featuredcontentonline.com) of FCO or ‘this site’ allows you to publish your articles without cost to you.  You may publish any original articles on any subject in any form as long as it conforms to the following rules.

2)       Acceptance of our terms.  By using and publishing content on this site you are in agreement with our terms and policies as set forth below.  This shall be considered a binding agreement between yourself and FeaturedContentOnline

3)       Registration. In order to publish content on FeaturedContentOnline you must register with this site and provide personal details, an email address and your Google publisher information so we can transfer your Adsense impressions to you.  In addition, we may at times need additional information such as your Paypal account to transfer additional money to you.   You agree to inform us if any of this information changes so we can continue to provide your Adsense impressions as well as any additional rewards without delay.

4)       Content publishing policy. You hereby agree and understand that any content you wish to place on this site will comply with the following: (a)  The content is owned by you; (b) the content is original, and has never been published in whole or in part anywhere on the internet or other media; (c) does not have any content of any kind that is libelous, illegal, infringes on any third party copyrights; (d) you have permission to use third party copyrights if your content contains any whatsoever; (e) there is NO derogatory, offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive,  vulgar, profane, harassing, obscene, pornographic, defamatory or tortuous content.

5)       Our rights. By publishing your original content of FeaturedContentOnline you hereby, irrevocably and unconditionally grant us an irrevocable exclusive right to publish the original article on this site.  In addition you also grant us the right to edit the original content for the purposes of increasing it’s SEO quality and/or income potential.  We do NOT have the right to republish your article.

6)       Author’s rights.  You retain full authorship and copyrights of your original content.

7)       Content guidelines. FeaturedContentOnline will publish guidelines that all original content must adhere to, such as formatting, language or number of words.  All content must adhere to these guidelines.

8)       Publishing. You understand that not all original content submitted by you is guaranteed to by published if it does not conform to our guidelines.  In addition, we do not guarantee a certain period of time for an article to be approved and published.

9)       Additional advertising and links. You understand and agree that all article pages will have additional links and advertising that you do not share revenue in.  FCO is not and shall not be responsible for the content or availability of any links that appear on the site.  We also reserve the right to remove any links that appear in your original content if it violates our content publishing policy.

10)    Spam and self-serving links. We will allow self-serving links to promote other sites and services within you original content.  A maximum of 2 links are allowed per article.  We reserve the right to remove any additional links if they do not contribute to the quality of the content.  Spam, which we define as an article that exists for the sole purpose of having self-serving links without any useful, informative content whatsoever will not be approved.  An article approved, then subsequently edited and no longer adhering to our content guidelines and link rules will be deleted after you have received an email warning.

11)    Remuneration.  Publishing original content on this site entitles you to receive an 80% share of the Adsense ad impressions on the page where your article appears.  We may, in the future, increase this revenue share as well as provide an increased share for referrals.  Any income generated through Google Adsense is subject to the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense program.  Google is solely responsible for Adsense payments and FCO is in no way responsible for these payments.  You are fully on solely responsible for making any tax payments that result from earning Adsense revenue.

12)    Our privacy policy.  FCO will never provide any of the information you give for registration purposes us to any other site, organization or individual unless required to by law.

13)    Spam and Junk Mail.  You will not send any email or other messages to any users of this site that is not requested.  Bulk mailings are strictly forbidden.

14)    Fraudulent Use.  You undertake, represent and warrant not to, directly or indirectly, by yourself or through any third party, generate in any way or manner, buy use of any means of technology, software or otherwise, any increased, artificial or false traffic, usage, viewing, or entrances to any original content, advertisements, banners, or other content and material of any kind in order to, whether for the purposes of increasing your payments or any other purposes.

15)    There is no employer-employee relationship of any kind between you and this site.  Usage of this site does not create this relationship.

16)    Site Operation.  FCO reserves the right to modify or suspend the operation of this site and/or to cease temporarily or permanently the operation of this site at it’s sole discretion.  No prior notice is required to be given with respect to the operation of this site.  You shall have no claim against FCO or any of it’s officers upon such actions.  Site operation does not affect your right to payment of Adsense revenue before such actions.

17)    Termination of your account.  If FCO determines that you are in violation of any of our policies it is our right to terminate your right to publish original content on this site.  We will inform you via email of our decision.  You will also forfeit any rights to Adsense impressions if your account is terminated.

18)    Limitation of Liability.  To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, FCO and it’s employees shall not be liable for any damages, losses, direct or indirect expenses sustained or suffered by you as a result of this site or the original content you publish.

19)    Indemnification.  You hereby agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold FCO and it’s employees harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses that result from your use of this site and the breach of any of the terms of agreement to this site by you.

20)    Absence of Third Party Beneficiaries.  No provisions of this Agreement, whether expressed or implied shall be construed as conferring upon or giving any third parties any rights or remedies or benefits of any kind.

21)    Language.  This agreement is in English language only.  Any versions in any other language shall not be binding upon FCO.

22)    Entire Agreement.  The terms and conditions listed here shall constitute the entire agreement with respect to your use of this site.  We reserve the right to modify this agreement without prior notice.

23)    No failure or delay to exercise any right, power, or remedy under this agreement shall operate as a waiver of any such right, power or remedy.

24)    Disclaimer.  The use of this site is at your own risk.  FeaturedContentOnline makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied as to the operation of this site, its contents or materials or the information published, advertised, offered or otherwise made available on this site.  In addition, FCO does not make any warranty as to the achievement of any expected result, outcome, consequence or purpose from the use of this or any materials published on it.

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