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A perfect corner computer desk. The two level design gives you maximum space.

When you’re looking for corner computer desk furniture you many be tempted to just get the cheapest one you find.  Don’t make this mistake, unlike other computer desks there are some specific and important things you must consider otherwise, that great deal you got may not be worth the money.  Read on to learn what you really need to look for when shopping for corner computer desk furniture.

The first thing you need to do is measure off the area that you’ll put the corner computer desk.  You’ll also need to keep in mind that there will be a chair there too.  Also consider that, when sitting there, the chair will be away from the desk (about 14 inches or so).  Measure carefully and consider door openings, other furniture and if other people need to get past you.  I know this may seem tedious but if the corner computer desk is too big, including the chair then it may be difficult or even impossible to get past you.  Will you be blocking anything such as the TV?  Avoid future conflict and measure carefully.  Once you have the measurements don’t go over this.  There’s plenty of corner computer desks out there so shop for the right size and don’t compromise.

Once you know the exact size of corner computer desk furniture you can get it’s time to consider how you’ll use it and how that’ll effect the available space.  I’m going to go over three common scenarios and discuss the equipment you’ll need and how to maximize the space available.  Unlike a regular computer desk the measurements of a corner computer desk lie.

Important note:  If you plan on placing the monitor directly in the center (deepest part) of the corner computer desk then you’ll actually lose about 14 inches of depth since the monitor must sit off the wall to fit.  Later on I’ll show you how to get this space back.

  • For general usage like web surfing you’ll of course have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and perhaps speakers.  There’s nothing unusual here, consider the above tip about the monitor and you should be OK.
  • For gaming you might have a much larger monitor (less space) a keyboard (gaming keyboards are larger), gaming mouse and of course speakers.  It’s also important to consider when gaming you’ll need room around the mouse to use it as there are seldom ‘subtle’ movements when gaming.
  • For work, you’ll need all of the general usage equipment and you’ll probably also need at least some room to put some paperwork.

This may be a pretty corner computer desk but where are you supposed to put the mouse? Measure carefully!

Considering the above I’ve always found it useful to lay out templates made of cardboard to get a good idea of how much room you’ll have.  It may sound stupid but the last thing you want to do is not have enough room to do what you want to do.

Once all the sizing considerations are done we can get to another technical consideration, the legs.  Although you may thing that the three legs are all the same no matter what corner computer desk furniture you’re looking at this isn’t always the case.  Some may be constructed as more of a triangular box, with no real legs to consider (these provide the most room), or it may just have three real legs, which gives you a little less room to maneuver the chair.

As far as actual material this is more a personal choice.  Generally the more expensive the corner computer desk is the better the material and construction.  If you’ll use the furniture for intense computer gaming then don’t skimp here.

Always get a corner computer desk with a keyboard drawer, just make sure the drawer is large enough to hold your keyboard (gaming keyboards are larger).

Let’s look at some ways you can maximize the space available to you.

A monitor stand for a corner computer desk

Monitor stand, this is a must have.  By lifting the monitor even just a few inches you’ll get back some space for storage.  There’s a picture of one to the left.

Trackball, although not everyone’s cup of tea these take up practically no space since they don’t move unlike a regular mouse.

Speaker stands.  Ideally you’ll want to attach your speakers to the wall, if you can’t then get stands for them.
And finally make sure you read corner computer desk reviews from such sites as Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even Amazon.  These sites have honest, real corner computer desk reviews from actual consumers and will be a very useful to help you get the piece of furniture at a great price.

The perfect corner computer desk available on Amazon for a great price.

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