How to Find the Best Electric Can Opener on Consumer Reports

best electric can opener consumer reports

Understand what you need before you search for the best electric can opener on Consumer Reports

If you’re searching for the best electric can opener it’s no secret that for many people Consumer Reports is their first stop.  Although this isn’t the worst way to find the best electric can opener it certainly isn’t the best.  I’m all for using Consumer Reports to narrow down potential candidates, but, like most things, understanding what it is that you’re buying is the best way to make a smart purchase.  There are many things that you should be aware of when browsing Consumer Reports trying to find the best electric can opener.  Let’s go over some of the features that you’ll find on today’s electric can openers and how they may effect you.

First off, and I don’t care what Consumer Reports says, the best electric can opener will have a removable blade.  If you can remove the blade it’ll be easy to clean, remember, you can’t just dunk the whole unit in the sink.  If the blade is not removable than most people just won’t make too much of an effort to clean it.  If you don’t think this is important just walk over to your current electric can opener and take a good look at the blade, chances are you’ll find dried food that’s just full of bacteria and other germs.  It goes without saying that the best electric can opener designs will have an easily removable blade.

Next you’ll need to decide on the exact type of electric can opener you want.  In order to find the best electric can opener that fits your needs perfectly you’ll want to find the design that suits you best.  You’ll encounter cordless varieties that are light, take up little space but may be lacking in power for big cans.  Under counter electric can openers, sometimes called space saver electric can openers attach under one of your overhead cabinets.  These do require dedicated wiring but have plenty of power.  Also keep in mind with this type you will, of course, have to hold the can there while it’s being opened.  You’ll even encounter ‘tall’ models that are specifically designed to open oversize cans.  Make sure when you’re looking through Consumer Reports that you keep in mind the specific types.

Many electric can openers strive to be multi-taskers, that is, have more than one use.  It’s common to find bottle openers on the back of them.  Unless you don’t own a bottle opener just ignore this.  Now, those that have a knife sharpener are more useful.  What you should also be looking for is a proper warranty.  A one year limited warranty isn’t good, but a 3 year or lifetime one is.

Now, it’s getting more and more popular to get electric can openers that are ‘side cutting’, that is they don’t leave sharp edges when they open the can.  I absolutely recommend this type for safety reasons alone.  Automatic shut off should be standard out there, but if it doesn’t say so, it probably doesn’t have it.

When it comes to finding the best electric can opener nothing can help you more than by reading electric can opener reviews. Check out such sites as Consumer Search or Consumer Reports for unbiased electric can opener reviews. They can really help you in your search for the best electric can opener.

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