How to Find the Best Kindle Cases for the Money

the best kindle cases

The best kindle cases will actually protect your kindle

If you’re looking for the best kindle cases it’s important to remember the primary purpose of getting a kindle case, to protect your valuable kindle from scratches, bumps and falls.  When searching for the best kindle case it pays off to first look at the construction material and features and then the styling.  Functionality is also an important feature as well.  First I’ll cover some of the features in both construction and material that you should look for and then I’ll link some of the best kindle cases available on the market today.  Remember, whether for yourself or as a gift the best kindle cases should protect your kindle against any and all forms of potential damage.

The best kindle cases should have these material features

When looking at kindle cases keep in mind the two ways that the kindle needs to be protected.  The first thing is scratches, especially on the screen.  When deciding on a kindle cover I highly suggest the interior be made of felt or other soft fabric.  It’ll only take one piece of grit or dirt in there to start scratching up the face so once again, this is highly important.

The second way is by physical damage.  To prevent this I suggest a hard outer case or at the very least neoprene or leather.  I’d absolutely stay away from any form of vinyl or other thin material.  The entire face is a screen so if if lands face down there’s a very real chance of breaking it.  Note:  having a soft felt interior lining will also add to the cushioning effect.

There should be double stitching all around the edges to resist wear and tear.  The kindle is meant to be held and used so if you put a case on it there will be wear and tear.  The best kindle cases will have good solid double stitching.

The best kindle cases will have good construction characteristics to protect your kindle

When it comes to construction there are two very important things to consider.  The first is the way the kindle is actually held into the case.  A poorly designed system will possibly allow the kindle to fall out, and that’s not good at all. Look for sturdy elastic bands on every corner, or, even better, some form of metal hinge system  for the ultimate protection.

The next thing to look I like to look for is for the actual cover to overlap the edge by at least a quarter inch.  This is to protect it if you drop it on it’s edge.  A poorly designed case will have no cushioning to protect against the ‘edge impact’ and once again, that’s not good.  The best kindle cases will offer some protection against this.

When looking for the best kindle cases take heed of the above points because missing one of them opens your kindle up to one of four different types of potential damage.

What are some of the best kindle cases out there?

I’ve linked here directly from Amazon (the guys who make the Kindle) some of what I consider the best kindle cases available today, they are highly rated and cover the four points above perfectly.  One of the reasons I like Amazon is their reviews are written by real people who actually purchased and used the product, I think they are more useful then a paid reviewer site.

Kindle Leather Cover (Fits 6″ Display, 2nd Generation Kindle)
Kindle Leather Cover, Black (Fits 6″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle)
M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge (Fits 6″ Display, 2nd Generation Kindle), Pebbled Purple

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