How to Find the Best Raised Twin Air Bed for Daily use

intex air mattress

Your exact needs will determine which is the best raised air mattress for daily use

Finding the best raised twin airbed for daily use, whether by long term guests or yourself takes a bit more effort than looking at the ratings and choosing the cheapest one.  Not only do you need to know what the available features are but you should also know exactly how the raised twin air bed will be used.  For example, will it be deflated every morning or will it stay setup, will one or two people be using it? will children be using it?  is this for a camping trip?  In the first part of this article we’ll deal with these question and then we’ll look at some of the most common features found on twin air mattresses available today.  Finally we’ll look at some of the best rated raised twin air beds and how they relate to these needs.

Best Raised Twin Air Bed|Mattress – Questions for you

The way you intend to actually use the twin air mattress will determine which one is best for you, let’s go over these considerations.

  • Know yourself or your guests.  Will one or two people be using this?  Keep in mind that every air mattress has a weight capacity, exceeding this WILL pop it.  Children are notorious for breaking things and they WILL jump up and down on it, double their approximate weight to get an idea of the minimum capacity you’ll need.  If just you will be using it and you won’t be jumping up and down on it (or other things) then you can get the twin air bed that best matches your weight.  Once again, choosing the proper weight capacity is not only important, but if you know absolutely what your requirements are you can save some money here by not exceeding them.  TIP:  If you’re near the maximum capacity under inflate to give yourself some leeway.
  • Will older/disabled people be using the twin air bed?  Height will matter here, they range from about 17 inches to 22 inches.  Inflating to firm will make it a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Seriously, if pets (especially cats) are in the picture look for a twin air bed that is thick skinned, generally weight capacity is an indication of this but not always, some will even say ‘puncture resistant’.

As you can see the considerations here are all about getting the longest life from your twin raised air bed.  Now let’s look at some of the features, or how much convenience do you need.  Some people just want the most ‘sturdy’ basic air bed that will last forever, others want the best of the best.  Knowing which features matter to YOU is the best way to find the air mattress that fits YOUR needs perfectly, not some reviewer.

What Features will I find on a Good Twin Raised Air Bed?

As we saw above capacity matters.  You’ll see such things listed as 15 gauge beam/sides etc.  This generally means about 300 lb capacity.  If no weight capacity is listed use this as a general guide to capacity.  Keep in mind that the higher capacity/thicker the material the heavier the air bed will be.   Some other features you’ll find are….

  • Flocked top, this is a covering on the top such as velvet or other textured fabric.  Without this covering your sheets will slide all over the place, although acceptable for one night it’s annoying to no end.  Look for this feature.
  • Indentations to hold fitted sheets.  Like a lack of a flocked top, lack of indentations will allow the sheets to slide all over the place.  These are standard sheet depth and allow the elastic on fitted sheets to grab on to them.  A must for a twin air mattress for daily use.
  • Built in pillow rest.  Remember, there’s no headboard so without this you’ll wake to your pillow on the floor every morning.
  • Stretch resistant material.  Since air beds will stretch with daily use and temperature changes you’ll need to add air occasionally.  A good stretch resistant construction will limit this necessity.
  • Storage bag.  Although this is pretty much a standard feature on even the cheapest of air mattress it is a must if you’ll be travelling with it.
  • Grip bottom.  Never an issue for me as I’ve never had my air mattress slide across the floor.  If it does perhaps you should call the Ghost hunters.  Seriously though, vinyl on carpet will slide, perhaps only an issue if an elderly/disabled person will be using it and needs to be able to get up safely.
  • Air pump.  Like I said above, it’s pretty much whether you’ll be re inflating every night or not.  Some are built in, some are separate units and some are even rechargeable.  You will have to ‘top off’ occasionally but if you really don’t need electric you can save a few dollars here.  Obviously for camping electric is out of the question.
  • Firmness setting.  Only found on the best raised twin air mattresses.  This features automatically fills the air bed to your desired firmness during the night with a quiet air pump.  Is it necessary?  That’s your call, personally I’ve never experienced so much air loss overnight that I needed to refill on the fly.
  • Warranty.  Keep this in mind, the longer the warranty the more ‘trust’ the manufacturer has in the product.  Generally you’ll find shorter warranties on air beds with an electric pump.

Now that we’ve looked at the more common features lets look at the top 3 best rated raised twin air beds that are worthy of daily use.

Best Consumer Rated Raised Air Beds for Daily use

Well, you know your needs and what features are out there, let’s see how these top raised air mattresses fit stack up.

serta raised twin airbed

With tons of coils the Serta is a good comfortable daily use twin air bed

First up is the Serta Raised Twin Bed.  As you can see from the picture it has a flocked top and indentations for a fitted sheet.  It does not have a raised pillow area, this can be an issue if you’ll be sitting up and watching TV or reading a book, not an issue if it’ll be against the wall though.  Good solid construction and a built in air pump with retractable cord.  This one is a bit short at just 16 inches so keep that in mind if it matters.  Tons of internal air ‘coils’ so it’ll be very comfortable and a good choice for daily use.  Here’s a link on Amazon to check it out and read the reviews.

Serta Raised Twin Bed with Insta III Pump

Let’s move on to…

intex pillow rest air bed

Although on the cheaper side, this Intex Pillow Rest air bed is a good choice if your requirements are met.

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort twin air bed.  At first look you’ll get the impression that the quality level isn’t as high as the Serta, and you’re correct.  What this does have is great height (19 inches) and a built in pillow area so it doesn’t need to be against the wall.  It’s capacity is also a bit low at 300 pounds.  Why is it here then?  Well, it’s comfort level, as reported in reviews, is top notch.  If you’re sure the capacity is acceptable then this isn’t a bad choice at all.  It also has a built in pump, flocked top and carry bag; this isn’t a bad choice if your need of a daily use raised twin air bed is temporary.

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort Twin

And finally we have the…

insta raised twin air mattress

Designed for daily use this Insta air bed is a great raised twin air bed

Insta Raised Twin Bed with never flat pump.  I guess you could call this the top of the line raised twin air bed.  Designed for daily use it has a setting for firmness and will auto inflate to maintain your desired setting.  Flocked top, indented sides and built in electric pump.  An awesome choice if you’ll really be using this as your bed for a very long time.  It does not have a built in pillow so against the wall it goes.  A bit more expensive than the Serta but that’s because of the firmness setting.  Also the reviewers say it’s ridiculously comfortable.  If this will be your primary bed for the long haul it pays to invest in this comfort level.

Insta Raised Twin Bed with Never Flat Pump

Finding the Best Raised Twin Air Bed for Daily use – Conclusion

If you need the air bed for short term daily use then the Intex would probably be your best choice.  For ultimate comfort on a more permanent level the Insta is by far the best choice.  The Serta falls in the middle, it really depends on what your comfort level needs are and your budget.

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