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Is this HEPA one of the best room air purifiers available?

If you’ve been searching for the best room air purifiers and are a bit confused as to which one to get, don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone.  When it comes to finding which are the best room air purifiers for you it pays to know how they work, and what different types are available.  There are many reasons to own a room air purifier, and owning the right one will insure that you actually turn it on and get the benefits from it.  If you get the wrong one however, it’ll probably just sit in the corner gathering dust, a bit ironic actually.  Let’s look at the different types and different features you’ll find on the best room air purifiers on the market today.

What are the benefits of owning one of the best room air purifiers?

Well first off, many people believe that an air purifier is only truly beneficial in the winter, when the house is all closed up and the air gets stale, this is partially true.  In fact, during the summer there is pollen and other allergens in the air, not to mention mold spores from all the humidity and even dust mites.  Owning one of the best room air purifiers can relieve many of the asthma and allergy symptoms caused by these.

What are the different types of room air purifiers available?

There are two main types of room air purifiers available, the HEPA and the IONIC, understanding the different technology will help you find the best room air purifiers to get for your home.

  • First there is the HEPA air purifier.  This type is fan forced and simply uses a big filter to catch the allergens in the air.  This type of air purifier can be loud, but it also can clean a large amount of air in a short time.  In addition the filter itself must be replaced regularly, and these HEPA filters can be quite expensive.
  • An IONIC air purifier on the other hand, without getting too technical, electronically charges the air causing it to move over collection plates.  This type is absolutely silent but moves little air.  No filters need to be replaced and thus it’s basically a one time cost.  I’ll also point out that there are no moving parts, which is important when looking at the warranty.

Now that you know the difference you can make a better decision on which are the best air purifiers for your needs, let’s look at some usage examples to get a better idea.

If you need an air purifier in your bedroom the HEPA type would be a poor choice as they can be quite loud.  The IONIC is a much better choice since you can turn it on an d leave it on all night, the small amount of air it moves is offset by being on for hours.

On the other hand, for your living room you’ll probably want a HEPA type since the room is probably much larger and, in addition, nobody is probably sleeping in there.  You can move past the noise and get the cleaning job done in an hour or so.

Make sure you choose carefully since, like I said in the opening paragraph, if you choose the wrong one you’ll probably not even turn it on after a while.  Put a loud HEPA in your bedroom and I guarantee you’ll rarely if ever turn it on.

Let’s talk about cost for a second.  Each of the two types of air purifier has a different cost scale.  The IONIC is more expensive up front but uses little power and has no filter to replace, it’s essentially a one time expense.  The HEPA on the other hand usually has a smaller up front cost but uses more electricity and, especially if you use it daily, you’ll need to replace the HEPA filter yearly.

When it comes to warranty keep in mind that the HEPA air purifier is mechanical, and like any mechanical device with moving parts you should seek a long warranty, a one year warranty just isn’t good in my book.  The IONIC air purifier is purely electronic, and, like most electronic devices if they fail it’s usually in the first few months of use, a shorter warranty is acceptable.

When you’re sure you know which type is best for you I suggest you read indoor air purifier reviews to see what other people are saying about the indoor air purifier you’re interested in. Indoor air purifier reviews from such sites as Consumer Search and Consumer Reports are written by unbiased users like yourself and can really help you.

Note:  Since writing this I’ve noticed that more and more HEPA style indoor air purifiers are using washable filters.  This will certainly reduce the cost of ownership but does require you to actually wash the filter to get the full benefits of using the device.

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