How to Find the Best Vibrating Dog Training Collar

vibrating dog training collar

Using a vibrating dog training is a great, safe and humane way to train your dog

Finding the best vibrating dog training collar takes a bit more effort than just grabbing the highest rated one, or even the cheapest one.  Like anything else the features that you’ll find when looking for a vibrating dog training collar differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model.  The key to finding the best vibrating dog training collar is knowing what those features are, which ones you need, and which you can do without.  Let’s first take a look at some of the different types out there, then at the most common features and finally at the highest rated vibrating dog training collar units out there.

What types of vibrating dog training collars are there?

There’s a few different types available.  Generally they’ll differ in the types of stimulus they deliver to your dog.

You’ll find dog training collars that offer electric shock, tone correction and of course vibration.  There are even ones that use citronella instead of electric shock.  Usually they all have the ability to offer all stimuli at once, and then, as the dog begins to associate the sound, shock and vibration with a correction, you’ll be able to use sound and vibration, and then eventually just vibration.  This also holds true to the citronella variety of dog training collar.

Having the ability to mix and match stimuli is a great feature since I’m sure you don’t want to continually shock your pet.  On this subject though, it’s totally humane and similar to a static shock we’ll get sometimes at home.  Nonetheless it’s nice to be able to turn this off after a while.

Some of the better models allow you to adjust the intensity of the shock, usually from 400 volts to 6000 volts.  I should caution though, if you’ll be getting an electric shock variety of dog training collar make sure it’s rated for your size dog.  You really don’t want to be administering a 6k volt shock to a chihuahua.

What features will I find on today’s vibrating dog training collar?

Here are some of the more common features you’ll find out there.  Again, for me, I like the ability to adjust as well as mix and match the stimuli.  A remote is also important for use outside or in the yard.

  • If the vibrating dog training collar has a remote make sure it has the range required for your area, your back yard for example.
  • Adjustable intensity levels.  Most of the time I’m sure you’ll keep this on the lower settings but for critical situations you should be able to dial up the stimuli right from the remote.  If you’re dog is chasing a cat and running towards the freeway you’ll need to be able to get control of your dog immediately.
  • An audible mode, or tone is also a nice feature.  Trust me, there will come a day when shock isn’t necessary any more.  A tone plus vibration would be the next setting to go with.
  • I like having rechargeable batteries, not only is it green but you’ll also save money too.
  • The vibrating dog training collar should also have a low battery indicator, the last thing you want is to take your pet to the park only to discover in a critical training situation that the battery is dead.
  • The receiver (collar) should be waterproof because sometimes a dog just likes to jump in the water.
  • I also recommend a good warranty, and no, a one year warranty isn’t good.
  • There also should be an included manual to help you with your dog training efforts.
dog training collar

The dog training collar should be waterproof and have a good warranty

A vibrating dog training collar is a wonderful, proven and humane way to train your pet.  Whether to correct barking, digging, jumping on people or whatever it’s nice to be able to deliver corrective stimuli wherever you are and at a distance.  The vibration is also a great way to train a deaf dog.

I’ve linked some of the best, highest rated dog training collars here.  They all have what I consider the best feature set and the right price point and are a great value.

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