How to Find the Best Wireless Home Theater System for the Money

sony best wireless home theater system

Although you'll need a kit the Sony Bravia is still just about the best wireless home theater system

If you’re looking to buy the best wireless home theater system but don’t know exactly what to get you’re not alone. Buying the best wireless home theater system takes a bit more effort than just buying the cheapest one or even the most powerful one. The key to finding the perfect wireless home theater system is understanding the technology and understanding how you’ll use it. Only in this way will you find the best wireless home theater system that’s perfect for YOUR needs. We’re going to first look at the wireless technology itself, then at the specs you’ll find on today’s home theater systems and finally at some top notch systems worthy of purchase.

Are there truly no wires in a wireless home theater system?

Here’s the truth, there are wires. A wireless home theater system isn’t truly all wireless, it just has less wires. This does make it easier to setup and there are indeed less unsightly wires running around, but you’ll still have to contend with plenty of wires.

Truth be told the only ‘wireless’ part of a wireless home theater system are the rear speakers. This isn’t all bad though, in fact, it’s quite good since wiring those rear speakers means drilling holes or worse, running wires across the floor. So, when looking for the best wireless home theater system you should expect to see only the rear speakers truly wireless, and even those will have some wires.

What are some of the terms I’ll encounter when looking the a good wireless home theater system.

Here’s the ‘meat and potatoes’ of buying a good home theater system. It’s easy to just buy the most powerful one or even the cheapest one and you will indeed end up with a home theater system. The true goal of getting a home theater system though is to get better sound quality and true surround sound effect that your TV system can’t deliver. The only way to make sure you get better sound is by understanding the terms that you’ll find out there. Let’s take a look at them.

First off, you’ll see things like 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 systems. This simply means the number of satellite speakers and the number of sub woofers. So a 5.1 system will have 5 speakers and one sub woofer, quite simple. Keep in mind that a 2.1 system only has a sub woofer and two speakers, one on each side of the TV, so these won’t be wireless. With the other systems there is usually two side speakers, a center channel and two rear speakers (the rear ones will be wireless), a 7.1 system will also have two more additional side speakers. You’ll also see something called a sound bar. This is an all in one unit that has all the speakers in one all encompassing case, this type, as well as the 2.1 system will use software to simulate surround sound.

How much power does the best wireless home theater system have?

panasonic wireless home theater system

The features on this Panasonic make it one of the best wireless home theater system packages out there

The answer is simple, enough power for the room that it’s in. You wouldn’t put the sound system that’s in your local movie theater in your living room nor would you put a home theater system in that same theater. The amount of power that’s best should be based on the room that it’ll be in. Please do not fall victim to advertising and think that more is better. Some manufacturers, knowing that there are consumers who’ll buy based on power rating alone will offer insanely high powered systems but with low quality sound. I should also point out that getting a system that’s too small is bad as well since you’ll have to turn the volume up resulting in more background noise.

While we’re on the subject I want to point out that many companies will skimp on the quality of the rear speakers, when looking for the best wireless home theater system make sure you look at the rear speaker rating, if it’s too low they’ll produce more noise than sound with the volume cranked up.

You’ll also encounter the following stats when shopping for a wireless home theater system. Let’s go through these as well.

  • D/b rating. This is also a measure of how loud the system will go. You should look at this rating as well as the wattage to get a true idea of the potential volume.
  • S/N ratio. This is the signal to noise ratio and gives an idea of how much of what you’re hearing is actually noise. The higher the rating the better quality sound you’ll get.
  • THD or total harmonic distortion. This is a measure of how accurately the system will produce sounds. Better performance here means better reproduction of music so you’ll hear exactly what the artist intended you to hear.
  • Frequency range.  This is yet another measure of sound quality, in this case in shows the range of highs and lows the system is able to produce.

So you see, since you want to replace the stock TV sound with something better it’s important to look at these stats, more so than just the wattage alone.  Getting the best wireless home theater system means doing some research (sorry) but the payoff is incredible sound that you’ll be amazed at.

What additional features will I find on the best wireless home theater system?

These are what I call gravy, none are required but having them will enhance the experience so let’s look at these now.

First off, if you have many other components such as a Tivo box, gaming consoles or whatever you should make sure the home theater system you’re interested in can support these as well as have enough connectors.  The last thing you’ll want is to get the whole system setup only to discover there’s no place to plug in your xbox.

Next, an ipod or other mp3 player dock is nice if you just want to listen to some music.

HDMI upscaling is nice, this allows you to play normal DVDs up to a resolution of 1080i, allowing you to take advantage of the capabilities of that new TV of yours.

Do not overlook the warranty, a good home theater system is expensive so make sure it has an acceptable warranty.  A one year warranty is NOT acceptable.

home theater wireless rear speaker kit

With this rear speaker kit from RocketFish you can make any home theater system a wireless one.

Anything else I should know about when looking for the best wireless home theater system?

Just one thing.  when it comes to buying a wireless home theater system the wireless part is the rear speakers.  Many people don’t even know this buy you can buy a wireless kit that will allow you to convert any home theater system into a wireless one.  This will, of course, add to the cost but it does mean if you’re heart is set on that great Onkyo system you can indeed get it and use a wireless kit with it.

Sony produces their own wireless kit, known as the S-AIR system, I like this because it’s totally compatible with their systems and allows you to make all, not just the rear speakers, wireless.

Let’s take a look at some of the best wireless home theater systems out there.  I am listing some Sony models so be aware that you’ll need their kit to finish the job.

Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX589W 5.1-Channel Home Theater System (Black)
Panasonic SC-PT954 900W 1080p DVD Home Theater System with Kelton Subwoofer, iPod Universal Dock and Wireless Rear Speaker
JVC Home THBA3 280W 5.1-Inch Surround Sound System with Bar Speaker, Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Wireless Kit
Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit RF-WHTIB – Wireless audio delivery system for rear speakers

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