Find out what Breed your Dog is by Doing a Dog Breed Test

dog dna test breed

Do a dog dna test and find out breed this little guy is

If you’re confused as to what breed your dog is there’s help.  The dog breed test, this simple, quick and painless test is an easy way to find out exactly what breeds make up your little buddy.  Finding out what breed your dog is will give you some insight as to exactly why your furry friend acts the way he or she does.  Follow these simple steps below to do a dog dna test correctly.

The goal when doing a dog breed test is to obtain a sample from the inside of your dogs cheek.  Picture when you brush your teeth, if you turn the bristles outward then you’d be brushing the inside of your cheek.  This is exactly the goal when doing a dog dna test.

Before you even start the dog breed test make sure your dog hasn’t eaten or drank anything for at least an hour before the test.

First off wash your hands well, although you probably won’t touch the bristles it’s best to be safe.

Unwrap the dog dna test kit and remove the swab.  It kind’ve looks like a pipe cleaner.

Gently rub the swab on the inside of the dogs mouth, again, picture turning the tooth brush bristles outward.  Try not to rub the teeth too much just in case there’s some food left there.  Keep rubbing for about 20 seconds, the longer the better.  It’s ok to remove the swab and give the dog a break for a few seconds.

When you’re done rubbing the swab place the dog dna test swab inside the plastic bag and seal it.

Fill out the information on the form and mail it in and you’re done.

BioPet DNA Breed Identification Kit

In a few weeks you’ll get the results, prepare to be shocked.

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