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Free antivirus software is just a download away!

There are many free antivirus software programs out there but which ones are really worth using.  I’ve listed the ones that I’ve tested and put some reviews up so you can decide which free antivirus software program might be a good fit for your needs.  Remember, just because it’s a free antivirus software doesn’t mean it’s not worth using.  In fact, as far as I’m concerned there really isn’t any good reason to buy one of those commercial antivirus packages and then have to pay additional fees every year.

In no particular order my favorite free antivirus software programs

Avast home edition. If you’re a gamer this free antivirus program is made just for you. Not only does this free antivirus software have anti root kit and a spyware module built, but it is also very light on system resources which is great for gamers.

Avira anti virus personal edition. This free antivirus software has been on my PC in one form or another for many years. Like Avast it’s extremely light on system resources and has good detection capabilities. Unfortunately there’s no email scanning or spyware protection, so run Adaware in conjunction with this free antivirus software.

AVG anti virus. By far this free antivirus software is my personal favorite, I’ve been using this one for many years and it has never failed me, it’s been constantly updated and improved and although the scanner is slow and a bit heavy on system resources it gets regular updates and includes free antivirus spyware, phishing and email scam protection as well.  If you’re a gamer this probably isn’t the antivirus package for you.

Adaware personal edition.  I believe I’ve had this installed on every PC I’ve owned for the last ten years or so, it’s that good. This one specifically searches for spyware on your system, there is no anti virus module. A great adjunct to use with any of the other free antivirus software packages I’ve listed above.

E-Nasties are everywhere!

Now although this next one isn’t an antivirus program I cannot stress enough how important it is that you download and install this little gem.  I’m of course talking about Spyware blaster.  This one will detect browser hijacking, we’ve all seen when you open up Internet explorer and it always goes to some page that you don’t want it to (usually porn). Also has free anti spyware built in.

There’s a wealth of free antivirus software packages out there, and we can easily spend days downloading them and trying them out.  The fact is the best programs are ones that are constantly updated, improved and supported.  Try the free antivirus software programs I’ve listed here, I’m sure you’ll find one that is good enough for you to keep on your PC.

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